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 Please Pray

My dad is stepping down as worship leader at my church because the Holy Spirit is telling him its time to step down. I ask for prayers that protect agaisnt a very strong religious spirit in my congregation. All for the glory of Christ, He will reveal the purpose of this change and why it needed to take place. but Prayers will be much appreciated!! Thanks

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Please Pray

God bless him for following the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I had to leave the church I went to because the pastor was so bent out of shape about my stepping down that he made it impossible to stay. BUT!! I grew by leaps and bounds after leaving that church b/c God provided sermonindex and by listening and taking notes to these sermons on a daily basis, I grew!! God is good! [b]He WILL feed us where He leads us!![/b]

There might be an immediate step-up of someone else to protect your father from any backlash but if there is backlash, your father will be protected because God has been preparing his heart to hear and obey; and sometimes when we obey, there are consequences... but OH THE JOY for obeying outweighs it all brother!!

God bless you and your father (who has ears to hear!!!) woo hooo! Let us know how it goes and how God leads your father!!


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