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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Aborted Babies Go to Hell?

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I'm probably casting my pearls before swine

Ceri, not everyone on SI is a hog - some are even sheep! and cuddly ones at that! :-)

Luv ya'


Sandra Miller

 2010/3/1 21:37Profile

 old man joe

Is an unborn baby guilty before God? Yes. Why? Because he was conceived in sin. He was conceived opposed to God requiring a work of God on his heart in the application of the blood of Christ to bring him to Himself. Can God do that work in the womb? Yes. The question at hand really is, does He always do that work in the womb? The answer has to be no, for if it was yes, neither the judgment of Sodom, nor the judgment of the flood could have taken place.

even though your moniker is "old joe", you display an extraordinary amount of immaturity, by neglecting a most blessed ministry, the ministry of holding one's tongue. Consider it, but then again, old does not always equate to wise.

shamme on you.

 2010/3/1 22:33

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Dallas, Texas


The Lord rebuke you

I'm probably casting my pearls before swine, but I hope God grants you a heart of flesh instead of your heart of stone.

You come across as so cold, hard hearted and legalistic.

Thread closed. This sort of correspondance is unacceptable. We ask that these sort of exchanges, assumptions and ventings of frustration take place outside forum walls. If you cannot post amicably, please do not post replies at all.

Thank you for your consideration.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2010/3/1 22:35Profile

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