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 So. Baptists Called to Repent, Grip Reality of 'Lostness'

[b]So. Baptists Called to Repent, Grip Reality of 'Lostness'[/b]

Southern Baptists need to repent of their pride, boasting and disunity and return to God and His vision.

That was the sobering call Dr. Ronnie Floyd made Monday as he presented a highly anticipated report charting out a new course for the nation's largest Protestant denomination.

"We (task force) have been gripped by the reality of the lost condition of our world and about our condition as a denomination, but through this journey we have also been set on fire by the call of God to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ," Floyd, chairman of the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, stated in a progress report. "Surely Southern Baptists can agree that we need a new and compelling vision for the future." ...

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 Re: So. Baptists Called to Repent, Grip Reality of 'Lostness'

[i]"I can see little consistency in a type of Christian activity which preaches the gospel on the street corners and at the ends of the earth, but neglects the children of the covenant by abandoning them to a cold and unbelieving secularism."[/i] - J. Gresham Machen

Until we repent of abandoning our own children to the education systems of the world, I have little hope of a renewal of vital Christianity in the churches.

May the Lord open our eyes and give us light...

Taylor Otwell

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 Re: So. Baptists Called to Repent, Grip Reality of 'Lostness'

I don't write this as cynical, or as I know something of great importance. I am a southern baptist myself, and since God saved me in 2003 I have been dissatisfied with the spiritual state of the church. To be bluntly honest many professing baptists that say they are Christians are wolves in sheeps clothing, and sadly many of those are behind our pulpits. We can paint up our doctrine and theology all day but until we guard the pulpit and honor God we are losing the churches. We can change our theology and dig deeper into what it means to be lost but until we are in prayer like the Apostles in Acts we will never know the measure of our sin and our lostness, this goes for me too. We as christians have to grow intellectually yes, we must increase our weapons of warfare but if all we do is put on armor in study and not build up muscle in prayer and faith we will be too weak to carry on in battle. What good will it do for Gods glory to send missionaries all over the world with the deepest head knowledge of lostness but no power and no brokeness in prayer? If the one being sent is even born again?

We don't need deeper theologies on lostness, we need men of God again! We need men who aren't going to compromise the Gospel to make the congregation feel good. There are scores of misled people in churches and behind pulpits and in deacons meetings who are wickedly lost, yet because they are in church or have some form of religious pedigree they are a Christian. It seems these days all you have to do to be accepted as a Christian is go to church, smile and say good things in front of people and throw in "if the Good Lord wills it" and "Amen" anyone who says it. I see it every day, but when you get those men and women behind closed doors they are as wicked and vile as you could imagine.

Then for us, the Body, we need to wake up. Not only to these trues of what is going on in our midst, but to our condition. Why are we at ease in Zion? When Christ is saying go? Why do I/we trade the riches of Christ for the sticks and straw of the world? If Christ says we must not love the world then why are we so worldly? Do we really need what we have? Could we live with less? Are we willing to turn off our TV's, stay up an extra hour or two and pray? Are we willing to be broken? These are questions I hold to myself, and I find myself falling short. Let's not be deceived, and press on. Paul wrote "I do not claim to have already attained all this, but press on..." Dear brothers and sisters, revival begins in us. May revival not begin with one southern baptist rant on a blog, but a broken heart in prayer over his condition and the condition of those around us. When we do as the Apostles in Acts, and pray and wait, and Christ comes over us and sends us out through the Holy Spirit, then we will have the muscle, the tools we need to go; brokenness through prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the knowledge of Christ.

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Sadly I believe this is true of most denominations.

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