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 seeing the real person!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had friends of all races,creeds, and colors.As I have gotten older,I truly realise that the color of a persons earth suit does not matter.We all are born,we live, and then we die.What really matters is are we born-again. Have you been born-again ?Did we serve Jesus Christ with all of our being? The church often focuses on minor issues,instead of obeying the words of our Lord.He said; For us to go into into all the world,and preach the gospel.That pretty well sums it up.We His church are to go to who ever He leads us to.I have been a member of churches, that were predominatley white. I have went to churches that had an all black congregation. I have been a member of a church that was nondenominational and interracial. They all had one thing in common, these churches preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. I would like to see the church grow-up into Him who is the author of all cultures and races. John G. Lake was a great missionary for Jesus Christ. God called him to africa to preach. While he was in africa the bubonic- plague swept the land. 100"s died. Him and a native african brother prayed through and stopped the plague ,through the power of the Holy Spirit. THey were to busy serving Jesus Christ and proclaiming the good news of the gospel,to stop and quibble about there differencs in skin color. The LOVE of GOD compelled them. I hope I live long enough to see the church grow up.The love of God compels us to preach and fellowship with other people. There is a world out there that is lost and dieing,and going to a devils HELL. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to Love the Lord,and let His grace and life flow through you to this lost world. Or are you going to major on the minors? One day we will all stand before the judgement seat of God the Father. If you were a person full of hate and bitterness,I imagine you will hear these words" depart from me you worker of iniquity, I knew you not." Let us His bride, walk in His love ,and compassion. These earth suits will pass away one day, and the real you will be revealed. Let us allow the gospel to change our hearts now,while there is still time. bro. neil


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