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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Born in Sin with sin nature or not?

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I believe this topic is lost

I don't think it was ever found.

I've been reluctant to shut this thread this down, instead waiting to see if perhaps an impasse could finally be agreed upon by both sides. Obviously, this is not possible, with both camps believing the veracity of scripture (and logic) will suffer compromise at any hint of leeway.

Someone eventually has to pull the trigger and put this sad beast out of her misery. As a moderator, I love and value healthy theology and such...but even more so, I cherish unity among brethren. I for one would rather see George Whitefield and John Wesley embrace before the throne of God (with all their seeming theological conflictions) in a spirit of meekness, than one devour another before the thone of God in a spirit of vehement zeal. I believe I have the mind of Christ on this.

When, O dear brethren, will we come to realize that true contentment and rest comes when we lay our proof-texts and scintillating Bible logic down and just abide satisfied, small and sure in our positions in Christ. It is then that God will finally grant authority behind our words, an authority that will automatically exude truth (without our incessant polemics); truth that is at once verified by the Holy Spirit and that dashes all doubt for those who have ears to hear.

Thread closed.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

 2010/3/6 18:27Profile

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