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KingJimmy, I have a few thoughts to offer in response to your post.

I think while well meaning, and while making good theological points (points that made a great impact on me when I was young in my faith), Ken Ham's apologetic is ultimately fleshly, and not Spirit fueled.

I appreciate you sharing your perspective and experience KingJimmy, but you have become quite a judge of Ken Ham, declaring his work is fleshly. I have not found it to be so. In expressing your own opinion and experience of Ken Ham, it is fine enough if you do not like him or what he has to say, but I think you have gone out on a limb in declaring him fleshly. That is an eternal pronouncement that his works are wood, hay, and stubble and will be burned up. If he is fleshly, his life cannot be pleasing to God. I think this is saying far too much. You also condemn those who feel his ministry is good.

While I believe in a young earth and a literal six day creation, I don't believe such because the science demands I do such. Indeed, if anything, science today shows the complete opposite.

There is a lot of good science today that upholds a six day creation before any other theory of why the earth came to existence.

Ken Ham's apologetic ultimately creates a weakened faith in the life of a believer. For the faith is not ultimately one that is centered in Christ, and in the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, rather, it is grounded in "creation science."

I understand that this can and does happen, but I find that Ken Ham's messages strengthen my understanding of faith, Christ, and all the Scriptures. I think you are wrong to say that Ken Ham in focused on something besides Christ. A goal of his ministry is to come against the spreading disbelief in the older Scriptures, because if the older ones are not valid then how can the newer ones be? His entire ministry is to support the writings about the Christ.

Creation science ultimately gives one a bad foundation upon which to build their life of faith. It's as shaky as using the shroud of Turin as proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For what happens, when somebody out there shows your science and "proof" to be faulty? You faith will ultimately be destroyed. Our faith must not be built on the things that can be seen, but rather, the things that cannot be seen.

If this happened for you, I am sorry, but it does not happen for all.

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