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Jimmy H

 2010/2/19 6:57Profile

 Re: Wife of televangelist Benny Hinn files for divorce

Years ago, before Benny Hinn was exposed on National TV as living in Princely opulence...[ 15-20 million a year and fantastic multiple mansions and estates] Suzanne, his wife, was on the books at a paltry one million dollars a year as a worldwide promoter at various international outreaches.

[ It seems odd to me that this negative exposure did nothing but perhaps increase Hinn's coffers....He's richer than ever today. ]

I don't rejoice at another's fall. Divorce always hurts many, many people. He has hardened his heart at the exhortation of perhaps tens of thousands of saints. He refused, at any cost to submit to organizations that would
bring accountability, both financial and moral, to his ministry.

He has proven himself to be a wolf, and a liar. Maybe he can repent, maybe he has a seared conscious, and maybe his wife was separated from him for the good of her own soul. It is surely possible that she has been complicit all these years with the lies and greed.

Some have prophesied [ David Wilkerson? ] that the day would come when prominent deceivers would be exposed. The bible says that judgment MUST begin at the house of God. I am sorry for his divorce, but I surely do not want to see him continue to deceive.

 2010/2/19 13:55

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Amen Sermonindex. We will pray and trust for God's Divine intervention.

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