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 rehearing Barrack Obamas message

We need to continue to pray for our President. The news today they say he is trying to create a socialist Government. I listened again to his message on click broadcast yourself --then write in their search bar Barrack Obama one world Government, also when you hear it he says we need a one world religious system. You will hear the word Muslims to.

It was seen on another site that the barcode on your grocery products and purchases of every kind, the first and middle and last lines on it all of them are 666. The implants of microchips, would only allow you to buy one day if you had the mark.

Some time ago when on a computer, a website was telling about the chip, and all of a sudden the message said you are not permitted to go here. Then my computer was shut down. Went upstairs to another went there and it also shut down that computer. The plan was that the message on the first one didn't give time to read the message the second computor was a slower one. Then came the threat and it shut down also.


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 Re: rehearing Barrack Obamas message


The mark of the beast was/will have to be a worldwide phenomenon. What do tribes in the jungle of Africa have to do with a microchip in America?

With care in Christ...

Taylor Otwell

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