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 the bible and Nasa

It was a blessed place to live in Cocoa Florida. The Lord perfectly revealed that my wife and family should move there to go to church. We were living no more than 20 miles from Cape Canaveral.

The house would shake when there was a sonic boom of the shuttle returning.

One day we went to see the shuttle go up. It was horrible. we saw it up there and it blew up. Our church was on the river,and about a month later some boys found a piece of it floating on the rivers edge. They were not to touch it someone said. They called Nasa to come get it.

The church we belonged to was a serious church. There was lots of love and not any division. People loved the bible and were not questioning it's doctrine. They had been taught well by a Theologian who knew the bible very well.

Here is the scriptures they made their stand on. Rom.6:17 Eph.4:14

To connect what is being said here is that at Nasa they know that if there is any mistake or error in their (doctrine) educational ability to produce a perfect space vehicle, it can cause a disaster.

They don't say lets scratch the space program since we have error and can't agree. They say it is imperitive to get it right. They don't say it doesn't matter if there is error. lives are at stake.

When it comes to the church, many feel that we can scratch the bible and doctrine. So now there is chaos in many churches. lets throw away doctrine and have experiential instead. So without those guidelines where if it doesn't measure up to scripture are not applied then we are open up for deception. Those who love money and have selfissh motives can move in and take advantage.

If you study church history, you will find this is exactly what happened.

It is recorded that Paul our bible writer was known to have a inner circle of believers. Timothy was one of them. Another one was by the name of Thedeus. This man taught a man named Valentinius. There were 3 men who had a name which would give the name of Valentine to us. I believe it is this one.

Valentinius wanted to be a Bishop but it was denied him. He became bitter and apostasised. He said he will fix them. It is by him and his false teaching, being he turned and twisted truth on purpose to get even. He developed what is known as Agnosticism.

Paul stood against much of his teaching in the book of Colosians. That of coarse was by the Holy Spirit. Worshipping angels was part of it. In the next study post we will reveal more. The point here is that people can have motivations for twisting things in a church even doctrine to destroy a church. Jesus tells us the gates of hades will not prevail against the church---but that includes sound scriptural doctrine so as to protect us from the gates of hades.

a policeman has weapons to protect him and others. If he throws away that protection he cannot say he is protected. If God does it all then why do we need to pray?? With God there is a need to participate with God and us together. He would have to come preach the gospel if we didn't or it just wouldn't get preached. So we see that to throw away sound doctrine is to throw away our protection from false teaching and deceivers. thank you Lord for your whole bible and every word in it. amen.


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