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 Discernment in the church these days...Help

Hi there,
I am new to this forum.

I have been doing alot much research over the past month or so on the different modern revivals, like Brownsville, Toronto, Lakeland. I have read much material on people's views of the deception in the church. I have read much on the signs and wonders movements and the strange and weird manifestations in the church.

I understand the arguments and biblical doctrine behind the various discernment minstries.

The problem that I have encountered is that everytime I have started reading about the decpetions and people's blogs or stories on these various deceptions I start to develop anxiety. I lose the peace inside of me.

It is almost like the spirit in me does not like me reading about the deception. Whenever I have decided to "give up" reading about the "heretics" or strange teachings and manifestations & decide in my spirit to no longer be offensive and so strong in my views about it...suddenly the peace returns.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

Is the Lord possibly showing me that I was wrong in my strong opinions about these matters?

Why does my peace in the Lord disappear when I take stand on these issues?

Thank you kindly.

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 Re: Discernment in the church these days...Help

It is because you take your eyes off of the Lord and focus on the enemy - which gives him access because you have chosen him over the Lord.

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Great to have you registered on the website. May the Lord bless you and enourage you as you seek more of Him. If you haven't yet do listen to these life-changing messages:

[b]Reality in the Christian Life by Zac Poonen[/b]

[b]Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead[/b]

[b]An Interview with Leonard Ravenhill (video) by Leonard Ravenhill[/b]

[b]Judgment Seat of Christ by Leonard Ravenhill[/b]

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 Re: Discernment in the church these days...Help

Let us remember that the Apostles, or their disciples never took their eyes off of deception, or the wolf, lest it creep into the church and devour. [ and sometimes it did...].

I often , as a young man, had similar experiences. It was though I could gauge the pressure upon me, when I would read about, or think about error, and false teachers and prophets. David wrote:"I have not concerned myself with things too high for me."

Sometimes wicked doctrines are accompanied by wicked spirits. As odd as it sounds, I know of some people who have shipwrecked , fell away, by dabbling with odd doctrines on the Internet. One of them, a former friend of mine, became a strong Universalist by going to sites on the Internet. I once considered him a strong Christian.

This group believes that Satan and all the demons, and every living soul ever created will be saved. Hell, is but purifying fire to purge the unrepentant of sin. Wow!...but think about it. My friend is now baptised in this belief system, and is no longer a believer in Christ.

Words, or thoughts cannot change a man's inner being. There are things ATTACHED to particular thought patterns in the spirit realm.

Consider Mormonism; Magic glasses, golden scrolls, and Angels bearing another gospel.........It is totally fantastical...with many glaring inconsistencies....yet the belief in this bizarre worship structure has brought millions into one mind.....and it is adamantly opposed to the Savior,His blood, ad His Godhead.

The bible calls them "Doctrines of Demons", and is it strange that we would not believe that the same demons who construct these lying patterns would not be there to anoint them, as we encounter try and place them at the core of your spirit?

I will also add this. All overcoming warfare is accomplished in the Throne of Jesus. Our victory begins and ends with Him alone. We cannot receive light or power unless we are connected to the Throne of Power and light. We see and understand within our spirits, not our intellect. This is at the heart of all true Godly discernment.

Reading the Psalms , and understanding that David, dealt with the exact warfare that we in the Church does, will help. David wrote, "My enemies are stronger than I.",....along with, "You are greater than the sum of all things!"...."Power belongs unto God!"...and well understood that through God, all of his enemies are but a drop in the bucket...chaff in the wind.

Satan and all of his demons multiplied are as nothing before the Father; and that God is just allowing Satan to rage for a while, until HIS purposes are fulfilled. When we say that Jesus is Lord, we are saying that He is Yahweh, with all of His infinite power.

"With all of your getting, get understanding!" Worship and warfare are integrally meshed, and our winning is always wrought in His Peace......but there is struggle, and the battle is real and must be so.

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Thank you all 4 your help.

This makes sense about the focus being on the devil and not on Christ.

My spirit is not "burdened" by the weight of all the deception as such it is more like the strong opinion on these issues is not liked in my spirit...

This concerns me.

It is only once I decide to take a "balanced" approach and decide to no longer view these people and these manifestations as deception that I feel peace once again.
- that is what concerns me.

I just don't understand that.

I wonder if perhaps I have been wrong about these deceptions in taking such a strong stance & that the Holy Spirit is mourned when I take such stances - when I have decided to lose my strong stance/opinion then I feel the peace and presence of the Lord once again.

THank you

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 Re: Discernment in the church these days...Help

I wonder if perhaps I have been wrong about these deceptions in taking such a strong stance & that the Holy Spirit is mourned when I take such stances - when I have decided to lose my strong stance/opinion then I feel the peace and presence of the Lord once again.

I have been doing alot much research over the past month or so on the different modern revivals, like Brownsville, Toronto, Lakeland.I have read much material on people's views of the deception in the church. I have read much on the signs and wonders movements and the strange and weird manifestations in the church.

My friend you are in a battle and that battle is for your soul and you will come under attack when you have strong views about the deception in the church.

One of the ways he will attack is that you will get bombarded with thoughts for example:- Are you sure that you are right about those deceptions, what if your wrong about the deceptions God won't be happy with you.

If you listen to those thoughts you will find you start to worry and get fearful and that takes away your joy and that leaves you defeated and confused questioning if you really heard from God about the deceptions.

What you need to do is resist the thoughts you do this by praying, reading the word, singing songs that lift up the name of Jesus.

One example my Father was in ITU which means Intensive Treatment Unit he was on life support and his organs had failed due blood posioning, it was touch and go if was going to live.

I decided that that night I was going to stay up and pray until I got the victory in prayer. When I was about an hour in to the prayer I started to get the thoughts "you'll never manage to pray all night, just give up, you'll never manage give up" so in my prayer I addressed the devil, "devil I will not give up, you are the one who will give up, I got so aggressive and angry I found myself banging my hand against what was around me, this went on for around ten minutes then all of a sudden the battle was won my prayer change to a song. The song that flowed out of me conatined the lines "satan is deafeated Jesus broke the power of death" As I sang the song I got louder and I giggled with Joy as I sang. Why because at that moment I knew the victory was mine that my Father would live and not die.

My Father is alive and well but I hope my short testimony would encourage you to fight the good fight and resist the devil when he comes with his lies to steal your joy.....

Hope it helps

Colin Murray

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 Re: Discernment in the church these days...Help

Dear truthseekers:

I to have experienced what your experienceing.
I was allowed by the Lord to study a topic but when I was engrosed with it and would research it more and more and look for videos of manifestations, then that is when I was attacked severely, no peace and a multitude of temptations would be brought on me.
The Lord reminded me that I needed to study His word, and if it does not jive with what is taught or what the manifestations are then I need to reject them.
All the revivals you mentioned above are not of God, and if I try and look at them closely then I get attacked.
If I look at the word of God closely I get blessed with wisdom.
Revivals are moves of God drawing people to repentance, to get into a right relationship with Him.
All true historical revivals have changed the course of a country, or area. The closing of drinking houses, or other kinds of businesses that are ungodly.
Police forces that had nothing to do.
I am presently reading a book called "England before and after Wesley"
A great example of a true move of God.
The greatest sign and wonder I could ever witness is when someone comes to an altar and cry's and cry's for God's mercy so they will receive forgiveness of sins and God answers that prayer and then in turn empowers that person to live a Godly wholesome life, living for Him from that day forward.
I read this today Revelation 2:1-3
1 “To the angel of the church of Ephesus write,
‘These things says He who holds the seven stars in His right hand, who walks in the midst of the seven golden lampstands: 2 “I know your works, your labor, your patience, and that you cannot bear those who are evil. And you have tested those who say they are apostles and are not, and have found them liars; 3 and you have persevered and have patience, and have labored for My name’s sake and have not become weary.

I wonder if when we contend for the faith by discovering someone or a teaching to be untrue if the Lord allows us to be attacked to check if we will endure somekind of spiritual percution... Just thinking outloud...
God bless.


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 Re: Discernment in the church these days...Help


My husband and I were on the leadership at our previous church and went through a huge battle when the Toronto blessing hit us - not only the manifestations but also the teaching.
Having seen nothing like it or knowing nothing of it we had to throw ourselves on God for guidance.
We ended up being shown such hatred by people we thought were brothers and sisters and being forced out of our church because of the stand we made.
My husband often thought 'I am right?' yet knew we were, and because of my Godly upbringing when I was a child, I would see people being released from demonic powers displaying the same manifetations as we were now seeing, I kept telling myself and my husband 'how could it be the devil then - and God now! it doesn't add up'!
I was terrible pain of spirit, but the effect it began having on my young children who were only 4 & 5 then, and the night we had to pray against a spirit who was as a roaring lion in their bedroom was the last straw for me.

My husband was surprised recently when browsing the Internet to find a testimony I had written for friends now on a website - but maybe it's meant to be and would help you now.
Do a search for 'emma's testimony' and it is on the site - you will also find many other testimonies and articles that may help you a lot.
You will also find it on another site under our real names of Elaine & Shane Barnes on where someone has also added extra notes.

Hope this really helps. Keep with the battle - don't ever give up - as a recent poster has said, and I agree fully with that recent posting.

Ceri Elaine

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As Brother Carter Conlon said, "Run for your lives!". That is what I had to do and there was a war that ensued because of it.

You will always be hit with the accusations that you are making waves and a troublemaker. I'm sure you have the meek and quiet spirit which goes along with a true saint, and that the enemy is throwing his arrows of condemnation your way. Stand strong and others will follow.

Wonderful posts from everyone.

Yes, there are spirits of deception that are attached to these doctrines, and often I would feel dirty and confused after spending too much time researching. They do their job well.

God bless, Kathleen


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