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 Acts 8?

I was reading in Acts 8 today and pondering some things and would like to hear from others on them.

Philip went to preach and did miracles and they out did the false magician and the people believed. Then thinking of Hudson Taylor and Jonathan Edwards which were ministries I have not heard much of healing and deliverances. In fact I think it was most medical missions for healing and doctrine unto deliverance. So, what to think of this. Were these ministries not as legitimate as Philip's? Were they more man empowered?

Then thinking should those of us who do the work of an evangelist not strive so much and seek God more in prayer for miracles? Or should we not take lofty ministries upon ourselves unless we are called and know we are by the signs and miracles working with us?

Also, how come there is not one case that I know of where a healing occurred on video? I mean one that cannot be argued like a man who was lame from birth getting up and walking instantly? Instead of all this oh my back hurt now the pain is gone stuff.

My last question is why did the Apostles have to come and impart the Holy Spirit? I mean Philip was there and he had the Spirit and even his daughters were prophetesses. And how can they believe in Jesus and be baptized but not receive the Holy Spirit. When Cornelius believed Peter he received so was it because Peter was an Apostle and the others but Philip only an Evangelist?

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 Re: Acts 8?

"All are not apostles, are they?? Are are not
prophets, are they ?? All are not teachers,
are they?? All are not workers of miracles,
are they?? All do not have the gift of healings,
do they ??
But earnestly desire the greater gifts. And I
will show you a more excellent way."

I Cor 12:29-31
GOD works in His wonderous ways and will how
He pleases, when He chooses, and through whomever
He wills !!

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: Acts 8?

hi, a great missionary in mexico was danny ost... a girl there was tied to a post and ate,slept and did her business in the pen...she whould try to harm those around her and obviously a demonicly controlled girl... danny prayed for this girl and removed her from the pen and ministered with his wife to this girl for months until delivered...a man was in a service and came forward and we began to pray for this man ...i stopped and started to walk away when danny told me that we are to pray for him until God demonstrates healing in him...many real miracles are missed because of haste and the lack of importunity.len ravenhill when on his back from jumping out of a hotel window 6 floors up ...on fire ;prayed for people with cancer and all were healed.God is alive and moving today... do a word study on saved [sozo] jimp

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 Re: Acts 8?

Anonymity: I honestly don't believe the operation of the gifts of the spirit, including miracles, are any more or less lofty than any other working of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said in Mark chapter 16 that the miraculous would be a sign following them that believe. Miracles serve, as I see it, at least two purposes. It is God's heart to minister to people's needs. They are an act of His love. Also, they confirm the validity of His word. Paul spoke several times of the fact that the miraculous power of God was what set him apart from other men who simply taught philosophies and ideas. I have seen several notable miracles in my life as I or others have prayed for people. One was a young man with a shattered ankle who was healed instantaneously, cut off a few days old cast, and played rough and tumble basketball an hour later. Another was a girl who was unconscious and totally unresponsive to any stimulous. We began to pray for her. The Holy Spirit moved on me in a way I had not experienced before, and I remember commanding, "come out, come out, come out". Immediately consciousness returned. Later I found out there had been a young man involved heavily in the occult who had prayed that day that she die. Another was a girl who had a hole between chambers in her heart instantly healed as the church prayed for her when I was young. THe miracle was witnessed by the doctors in the next few days. Another was a woman who God healed of a 40 year loss of smell due to severe steam burns during a praise and worship service held in a home in our city. No one was praying for her, it just happened as we worshipped. There are many others. I think this should be normal operating procedure in the church. Of course many dismiss these things or are taught they don't happen today and because of unbelief do not see it happen very often. See Matthew 13:58 and Mark 6:5-6. In most places I have been, no one was very concerned about video recording. It just wasn't thought of I guess.

There are recorded instances of the Holy Spirit being received by impartation from others and times of the Holy Spirit being received without the laying on of hands. That things of the Spirit of God can be imparted by the laying on of hands is definitely Biblical. Remember Paul laid his hands on napkins and they were taken to the sick and the sick were healed. I don't believe it has to happen by impartation, but in this case it did. I believe the baptism of the Holy Spirit to be distinct from and subsequent to salvation. This is evidenced by what happened in Acts 19:2 as well as the fact that the 120 in the upper room were already believers, already born again, before the day of pentecost. Acts 16:31 gives the condition for salvation. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved. Clearly the 120 had already done this, or they would not have been in the upper room. I can also speak from personal experience. I was born again at 8 but did not receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit until I was 18, and it was definitely an Acts 2 experience in my case.

That would be my input to your questions.



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 Re: Acts 8?

by anonymity
My last question is why did the Apostles have to come and impart the Holy Spirit?

Only God knows why but I think it was one place that people could point to that specifically shows that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a definite experience separate from being born again. We cannot dispute Scripture!

by anonymity
And how can they believe in Jesus and be baptized but not receive the Holy Spirit. When Cornelius believed Peter he received so was it because Peter was an Apostle and the others but Philip only an Evangelist?

One of a few reasons is that scripture reference, "He is with you but He shall be in you." If we truly received it all upon being born again, then the upper room was not needed.

Jesus really didn't say, "Go ye and tarry in Jerusalem until you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, no he said, "UNTIL YOU BE ENDUED WITH POWER FROM ON HIGH."

That is the difference!

God bless you brother!


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