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 Re: LoinGirder

by LoinGirder
If a man with a mail-order Ph.D says it, it must be true.

So says the mail-order Ph.D guy!!!


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Ken's speech was primarily to the church. It was meant for the churches ears. Then the church can take that and the other info from all Godly sources and act upon it.
Also remeber that Ken says in the speech that the primary goal of his ministry is the Gospel of jesus Christ and seeing people saved. Thats what he told that reporter.

May God bless SI and all other faithful ministries!

 2010/2/17 6:06


edit- narrowpath- I retract this statement to you now that I understand your point a little better. Thanks.

I'm more of a purist when it comes to preaching the Gospel for sure.

"Ken's speech was primarily to the church. It was meant for the churches ears. Then the church can take that and the other info from all Godly sources and act upon it.
Also remember that Ken says in the speech that the primary goal of his ministry is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing people saved. That's what he told that reporter." thingsabove

But these guys go all over and debate the unsaved evolutionists with their version of creation science, so I can't see how it's just for the church. Maybe this particular webinar is just for us but the concept as a whole can't be because they take it straight to the lost and debate it. Jesus said "I am the truth". Truth is a man not a formula. Paul said preach Christ crucified. The only way an evolutionist will be humbled enough to let go of their prideful scientific theory is to see the Man who can save him from his sin, not his science. It is through Him truth is known.

People can believe in creationism and still be lost. Need we look any further than the catholic church? Many of the catholic hierarchy are all over creation science, then they go say their rosary and pray to their patron saints. So they know 'the truth' that is creationism but they don't know "THE" Truth that is the man Jesus Christ.

Listen, God is interested in changing hearts, not minds. Heart of stone to flesh, not evolution to creationism. Creationism doesn't guarantee salvation, Christ is salvation. This debate shatters when a sinner repents and receives a new heart in Christ.

I'm all for this if Christ is preached 'in the Spirit'. But it's easy for us to cheer these guys on as those who are already saved.... saved by grace in Christ. What loss is it to us if sadly this stuff happens to fall empty at the judgment seat, we're still saved.

Maybe we should ask the question: Why did God allow Darwin to come on the scene? One could argue that it is because it gives people a clear choice between the theory and the truth of The Word. And perhaps it's God's way of saying that the truth will come His way, not ours. How can evolution possibly glorify Christ? Because only the truth in Him can dispel the myth of evolution the enemy has planted. If what I'm saying isn't true, then before Christ comes back creationism will be unequivocally proven scientifically. God will shake all things and only that which is of Him will be left standing. That's a very high standard. Maybe I'm wrong but from what I read in the Bible... pretty much everything points to Christ. Why wouldn't the Alpha and Omega not be sufficient in and of Himself? All things will lay under His feet and evolution will shatter. So if this is what the creationist scientists think will happen, then okay. And they should be in their prayer closet as much as they are researching, if this be God's will. But if Christ is being put on the back-burner or He is just a side item to many mindblowing scientific debates, then this is yet another failed attempt by the church to fit the square peg of intellectualism into the round hole of faith in Christ.

I think some who have been saved by grace and are now rooting for these guys are trying more to win an argument than save souls.

I hope this isn't the case and I'll leave it at this. God bless.

 2010/2/17 7:59

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I don't know if anyone else got a private message from ccrider.

But I did.

The first two words were, 'You Dog.'

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I believe in Creation 100%, I just don't believe in Ken Ham's point of "truth" on it!!

Mind explaining this quote?


Sandra Miller

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This is my PM response sister enid in our misunderstanding.

"That's okay sister. I was trying to lighten the mood a little. That's all. If you don't like pm's that seek communion in the face of disagreement then I will not. But how was I supposed to know that until now? God bless you sister."

I was trying to lighten up the mood a little sister. 'You dog' was a light comment and I was actually complimenting you on your self control int the bantering. Only I know my intention in that. If you were offended I'm sorry.

I believe all others here who I have engaged in pm can vouch for my intentions with them. God bless.

edit- I was informed that I have hurt a dear sister, not brother. The edits reflect. Sorry.

 2010/2/17 8:26


When the Bible says "God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise" what that really means is that you must voluntarily lower your IQ to the double-digit range. That is why God sent us scientists with mail-order Ph.D's to teach us that the universe is 6000 years old and that satan put dinosaur bones in the ground to trick us into believing in evolution. Anyone who rejects this has put their faith in man rather than the word of God and cannot be saved.

 2010/2/17 8:33


And enid just so you know I will be no more trouble to you. At this point it's not worth defending misunderstandings that may have hurt another sister. Theis is the right time to take a step back from this which I intend to do.

 2010/2/17 8:35

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 Re: Keith Daniel

I hope everyone who is taking part into this discussion will take time to listen to this:

[b]Romans 1 by Keith Daniel[/b]

 2010/2/17 10:25Profile

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