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 Church Sign Says "God Hates"


Many drivers will never notice the message on a sign in front of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church, but those who do seem to have an opinion about it. It says, "Homosexuality is a sin that God hates."

The church's pastor, T.C. Johnson, says he's surprised by the reaction. He's getting a flood of emails and letters from people who find the statement offensive. But he's not apologizing.

Johnson says, "I think we are Scriptural on that, and we aren't ashamed to hold that truth up and let people know the truth."

It's a truth that Pastor Johnson says isn't popular this day in age. Homosexuality in the church is a hot topic. It's one that Richard Barham is very familiar with. He's the pastor of Metropolitan Community Church in Huntsville, a predominantly gay congregation just down the road from St. Luke's.

Barham says, "It's very sad for any church to use their sign to promote hate." He says it goes against the Bible. God is a god of love, and sending a message of hate does little to build up a community.

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 Re: Church Sign Says "God Hates"

Psalm 5:5
The boastful shall not stand before Your eyes;
You hate all who do iniquity.

Lord, have us never forget either Your love or Your holiness, or anything else that You have so graciously revealed unto us, regardless of how much it may offend us or others.

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It may not be a pleasant thought that God hates, but it is still true.

If we do not declare it, who will? If the bible says it, then so should we.

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 Re: Church Sign Says "God Hates"

In spite of some opinion to the contrary, God is not politically correct. If He was, then He would not be "unchanging" and His Word would be continually modified at man's slightest whim. That is not the kind of situation that would promote faith and trust.

Ed Price

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