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 Prayer for my son-in-laws father Robert

We have been praying for Robert, my son-in-laws father. This is a great testimony to the family. Here is the latest update. Surely God is answering the prayers of the saints. Here is his update:

My Mom, my brother and sisters and my cousin all gathered in Montgomery yesterday to discuss how aggressive we would be in treating my Dad, and to see where he is now as far as his condition goes. The palliative care physician informed us that for a man to have 5 organ systems shut down completely is essentially marking him as a terminal case.

His pulmonary system, heart, liver kidneys, and neurological system had all stopped working. The feeding tube had irritated his esophagus and stomach so bad that the lining was gone, and it was basically raw flesh all the way down, causing uncontrollable bleeding into his stomach. The eventual result would be total stomach erosion, leading to terminal peritonitis.

That was Saturday.

Yesterday, we were informed that his esophageal erosion was healing, his liver had started working again, his heart is strong, and his pulmonary system is back up enough that they can wean him off of the ventilator, and neurologically, he is back to being my Dad again. His kidneys are gone however, and he will be on dialysis for the rest of his life. The doctor says that as long as there are no more major complications, and no more insults to his body, he will go from a 1 in 10 chance of survival to a 50-50 chance. the living will was taken out of consideration, which means that he is no longer a terminal case. The one complication that has arisen is he has developed aphasia, or the inability to swallow, due to the sub-acute bi hemisphere strokes that he suffered. This may stay with him, or it may go away, it's too soon to tell.

So we went down there with the expectation that we were going to give the okay to stop treatment, and were given great news instead.

I want to thank all of you for the positive thoughts and prayers, please keep them going, they are helping. He still has a long road of rehabilitation and discomfort to go through, and he needs all the positivity he can get. Having all of us there along with some of his grandkids there was a definite help.

As I know more, I will let you know.

Thank you,



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 Re: Prayer for my son-in-laws father Robert

I'm glad to hear of this remarkable recovery and that he is back to 'being Dad'. I will be praying. Thank you.

 2010/2/12 12:53

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Praying still.


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