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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : small prayer request(bringing some things into the light)

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 small prayer request(bringing some things into the light)

Dear brothers and sisters

Please pray for me tonight if you will, I am really struggle with much confusion, and a very heavy heart. All I want to know is Jesus, and yet I keep allowing self to get in the way.

Thank you

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 Re: small prayer request

My wife and I are praying for you, Sister MaryJane.

Be encouraged by the knowledge that He sees you, hears you and knows you. Your name is engraved on the palm of His hand (Isaiah 49:16). Just be still...and know that He is God.



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 Re: small prayer request

I am praying MaryJane.


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 Re: small prayer request


I am praying for you that the Holy Spirit would fill you and reveal Himself to you in new ways as you are seeking God.


Jamie Schwankl

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Mery Jane,
I don't know exactly where it is in God's Word, but it does say that "He heals the broken in heart, and binds up their wounds."
May He touch you with a special touch of Himself.
God Bless

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 Re: small prayer request

Beloved MJ,
its morning the 9th of Feb, i will be praying for you thruout the day.....please know this, God is your Father, He loves you with the Love of a Father. He's your Father, and you are His child, please never forget that.....even in the darkest watches of the night, He is with you.

much love in Jesus, neil

 2010/2/9 10:17

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Also praying for you dear sister that as you take this to our faithful Lord He will deliver you and set you free and turn your mourning into joy as He reveals Himself to you! You are His beloved child!

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 forgive me Lord

Thank you all for your prayers. Things have been difficult just now and I know its all of my own doing.

Edited: I felt convicted that should change my post from earlier, while there are other things going on I feel convicted that I must bring some things into the light. This last weekend I allowed some extended family and friends to talk me into taking part in viewing a movie(with rift tracks). We were all together and I was told the movie was harmless and so completely dumb that I would just laugh at all the jokes being made. I did not want to appear as if I was being a legalistic or judging others so I caved in and went along. I felt so terrible because even while the movie played I got up and left the room several times having felt convicted about it and I knew I should not be watching this movie. I'm so ashamed of myself for not standing up for what I knew was right and for giving in to self(not wanting to be the one to ruin the fun) I am so ashamed for sinning against my Lord in this way. I have had such a heavy heart since because I keep asking myself what does this mean that I would sin against my beloved Jesus in this way? I love the Lord and yet I allowed self to have its way. I have been so ashamed to say more in my first post for fear of what others here on SI would think of me but I know in my heart the only real way to deal with sin fully and completely is to confess it, repent of it, and flee from that is what is on my heart as I am sharing with you here. I know it is my own fault for having viewed this movie but as much as I wish I could rewind time and clean my mind of all the images from this movie, I can not. Please continue to pray that the Lord will help me to keep all of my thoughts, and heart centered on Him only.

Thank you brothers and sisters
God Bless

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 Re: forgive me Lord

Dear sis

I had some time to stop by(my mom is improving)and I caught your post here. I know you feel like you blew it but I just wanted to share something with you and hope it will encourage you in Him who matters most.

much love in Him
“Commitment” is actually a misnomer, in a way. “Consecration” is an abandonment that comes not from commitment (though commitment is the starting place, because it’s RIGHT, and He’s RIGHT!). It comes from the “loss” of FINALLY recognizing our INABILITY and the cessation of striving. We strive because we honor Him. Any less concern for His Ways and Truth and Life and Commands would be careless and foolish and rebellious. And yet, we learn from the total “commitment” that we are, in fact, unable. “What I do I HATE.” If we don’t HATE our sin and selfishness and pride and materialism, we have no basis to TRULY find a supernatural MESSIAH. It’s just religion, up to that point.

The PROCESS of death requires an earnest and passionate commitment, that we, in turn find we are inadequate for. Then, and only then can we be changed from “wooden boys” like Pinocchio, to Real boys, supernaturally endued with power from on High. There are no shortcuts. Apathy and laziness and presumption that hide behind a doctrine of so-called “grace” will never get us to Him. Only passionate pursuit to the fullest extent, no compromise can begin the Journey. This then, leads to death to self (if we are WILLING to “die to the world and the world to us”) as we recognize “we can’t get there from here.” We, for the first time REALLY, recognize we are foolish and inadequate and hopelessly far from the only One that matters. At this point, with pride crushed, hope lost (a hope built upon the wrong foundation that our expert theologies could never have grasped), flesh exposed, and failures rampant we are able to HONESTLY, from the heart “call on the Name of the Lord”—for REAL LIFE that we THOUGHT we surely already had!

So, how do you begin, since the manifestation of SUPERnatural Life is not within our reach? This LIFE cannot even be SENSED by those that don’t have an experience of it—they think what THEY have is the end of the road, and that everyone else is their peer, at best! How can a blind man understand a rainbow, or a deaf man understand an experience of Pacabel’s Canon? The way Home begins with, according to Jesus in Jn. 5 and 7-8 with obedience, or as you would say, “commitment” to honor Him in every thought, word, action, priority, relationship, and decision. NOTHING belongs to a doulos, a slave. “We are NOT our own. We are bought for a price.” That’s the way of the cross. Denying ourselves is the Way to follow Him. Taking up OUR crosses is not an option if we call ourselves His followers—”Christians.” And a dead man doesn’t have opinions or rights. Am I right?

A rare few will be willing to accept God’s Ways as Right, without any intention of compromise. In so doing, they are beginning a Journey that will lead to “Rivers of Alive water gushing from the inner man”—that most people only read about in their Bibles. A FEW folks know and experience “the power of an indestructible Life” and have “tasted the powers of the coming age” with “weapons of Righteousness in the right hand and the left.” Most folks just do bible studies, and attend speeches, good deeds, and staged music. Seldom is LIFE manifested beyond carnal fallen flesh, with religion and good deeds added to make it seem “Christian.” But “Christ-ian” has to do with Supernatural ANOINTED LIFE, by the very definition of the Greek word! And certainly the Scriptures and the lives of the men in the Scriptures back this up.

SO. “Commitment”? The ONLY place to begin the Journey. But not even “the means to the end,” really. This thing called “commitment” is only a “tutor” and “schoolmaster” that leads us to the Reality... JESUS HIMSELF! Truly, “you can’t get there from here.” But to start, what we CAN be sure of is that “if you Love Him, you’ll obey His commands.”

By the way, NEVER believe anyone or hang around anyone that makes excuses and cries “foul, FOUL!” when an opportunity to repent and obey Him comes along. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, masquerading as angels of light. “Get the log out of your own eye,” and “That’s LEGALISM,” and “That’s not practical” are the fleshly screams of spiritual felons and pretenders and blind guides.

HOWEVER, “commitment” is only the tool that God uses to show us ourselves, and ultimately to show us His Face in intimacy and power. He LOVES to give good gifts to His children—”to those that ask.” And yet, “I’ve been committed to you for three weeks (or three decades!) already, and YOU, GOD, still haven’t delivered me and given me what I want!” This is, of course, a pitiful example of flesh that lives on, and a life that “has no room in their heart” yet for Jesus to fill them with Himself. God will not transform us (“metamorphosis”—2Cor. 3:16-18) on any timetable of our making. He won’t bargain or barter with us. As long as we are holding on to this way of dealing with God, He will not meet us on His Holy Ground.

God is God. If you will, “at the Name of Jesus” soften your heart—allow your knees to buckle at the mere mention of His Name, always turning to Him in good and in bad, in “success” and in failure, daily laying down your life for His lambs in REAL ways... you will love how it all turns out. In the meantime, if you’re a spiritual carrot, be the best carrot He’s ever had. If you’re not there (and you should know it!), be His favorite toaster. Just be simple. Be obedient. Be sacrificial, without demands of God or need for recognition or appreciation from men. Just lay it out there, fully abandoned and committed to Him and to obedience and the cross. Leave the rest to Him. He IS the “Master Teacher.” He’ll get us there. For His own Glory’s sake.

Hope these seeds will be planted carefully and quietly in your hearts, without fanfare.

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 Re: small prayer request(bringing some things into the light)

Here is a song for you, MJ, one of Don Francisco's earliest compositions.

[url=]There is No Condemnation[/url]

The song says, it's okay to know you made a mistake, but it's not necessary, or spiritual, to go on moping about it after God has received your repentance.

I hope you'll be blest, and the chorus will help you through in the future (as it has me).

 2010/2/11 17:50

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