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 Christian Goth? please help

This has been a struggle for the last few years now. My sister got sucked into this thing a few years ago and it has only produced bad fruit. The Cornerstone music festival in Il has a place called the Asylum and they say it is to reach out to the Goth people who come. David Dellman runs the gothic christianity site. The only problem is that he is a mentalist/psychic. Here are his 2 sites. I was wondering if anyone had any advice. There seems to be a deceptive spirit behind the whole thing. I get grieved in my spirit when I research the goth sites.

This is the group that is connected with it all as well. Is it just me or is there something demonic going on?

 2010/2/8 17:21

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 Re: Christian Goth? please help

Dear Judah81,

I will pray that your sister will be set free from this deception. It is the Holy Spirit that is bearing witness that this is utterly wrong. It is morbidness and darkness and simply depressing. The fruit cannot be good as it is simply evil.

So many say that God can use these things, but I believe they are strongholds to keep people from the truth.

The advantage you have is prayer and the God that we serve. May the Lord remove her from this evil so she can serve Him and be the vessel of honor He desires her to be.

God Bless, Kathleen


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 Re: Christian Goth? please help

Hi Judah

I can definately say it's not just you. A 'Christian Goth' is an absolute contradiction in itself - the two couldn't be further apart! It is absolutely demonic.
I speak from experience as my niece is a goth through and through.
The whole Goth scene and music has a emphasise on all things dark, demonic and an obsession with death.
The 'music' is horrendous with such anti God, anti Christian lyrics, filled with violence and hatred.

I cannot bear how my niece has turned out and she is only 18, it breaks my heart. I stopped my daughter mixing with her.

She attempted suicide online with all her friends logged on watching and sending messages encouraging her on. It was touch and go for a while when my sister found her.
She painted her bedroom black with dark gothic pictures which she designed herself.

I sobbed when I saw photos she had put on her facebook page of herself posing as a dead body in the woods, draped in leaves and covered with fake blood. It chilled me to the bone.

My mother broke her heart before the Lord took her home, some days I thank the Lord He did, as she wouldn't have coped with how her grandchildren in that family are living today.
After my mother died my niece sobbed at her graveside and said "It should have been me in there" I told her that it could well have been, but she wasn't ready to meet her maker as her grandmother was.
She then had a huge gothic cross tattoed on her back with 'R.I.P gran' - She had told my mother to stop wasting her time praying for her as her prayers will never be answered!

I will make a note of those websites, but like you it hurts my spirit so much - there can be absolutely nothing Christian about it!

Ceri Elaine

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Thanks for your words of encouragement and confirmation. I am sorry for you both but we are the intercessors meant to stand in the gap.

My youngest son forbade me to pray for him 5 years ago as he sat on a bureau with a knife in his hand looking evil and threatening. Fast forward to today, he is tutoring a pastor that fled the Congo with his family and through the many faithful saints being brought his way, he is truly close to salvation.

May I add that I have been very specific when I pray for him. The Lord has given me high standards and so I prayed that only solid, clean saints would be sent his way. He admitted he knew who the fakes were simply by how they acted and because of the standards his parents had.

Don't stop praying for them and be blessed in what the Lord does. Don't give up for the enemie's power is limited although he would like us to believe elsewise.


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