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 Re: Blessings


I apologize, I certainly do not communicate well all the time. By saying that you have only seen a glimpse, I was agreeing with your own statement about hearing the Lord's voice audibly only a few times over your 30+ years of following the Lord. By no means did I mean that you have not learned to obey the leading of the Spirit but that you have just tasted drop of this aspect of His leading by audible voice.

Though my examples in the previous post focused on areas we would consider to be ministry, I have seen several times where the Lord lead me to do something or buy something for which I saw no specific application to the "Lord's work." Take for example some earphones. A few years ago the Lord told me that I would be getting some very good earphones to use with my computer/MP3 player. It was a few years later, after I had started listening to sermons on SI that He reminded me of this and told to go buy them. I looked around and did some research but baulked at the price. When I was first told to get them, I had plenty of extra funds available but when He told me to buy them, my budget was much, much tighter. It must have been a good six months after I had been instructed that I finally bought them. Wow! What a blessing they have been and not only that, the Lord has proven himself faithful to meet my needs.

Another example is with my current car. Again, the Lord told me that I was going to get a new car (or another used car) and instructed me on what year, make and model to get. Then He told me to set aside the money. So I did and it sat there for three years waiting. In the last few months before He moved me to the West Coast, He told me it was time to buy the car so I started looking and then within a week of moving, He told me which specific one to get and I went to buy it at night up in Chicago. The timing was perfect and I finished my pizza driving "career," packed everything I had into my new car and drove west.

I realize that these are not instantaneous leadings regarding buying things. We are instructed not to worry about tomorrow, about what we shall eat, what we shall drink or what we shall wear because our Father in Heaven knows what we need. When I came to the Lord, I placed these things in His hands because I was given the faith to do so. Over the years in my walk, He has required the time frame to become shorter and shorter, from years, to months, to weeks to moments. I am sure there are areas of your life where you have learned to follow in like manner where the Lord has not worked on me in yet and it comes through in the grace and wisdom of your words. The Lord has been faithful to prove and purify the covetousness from me. His work continues which is why I am getting so much blessed training in this area.

I hope this clarified what I meant in my posts.


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