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 God is willing!

In answer to a recent post - God is willing, and I have very few doubts is about to send a final sweeping Awakening to America. America is not to far gone to experience Revival. It is when a nation seems far gone that revival is needed. Revival is not a fun time of recess in the school of God. It is not simply a season that takes place once in a lifetime etc... Revival is meant to be the normal New Testament experience of every believer. As one brother/sister wrote, "Revival is not to be our aim, rather absolute surrender is..." I agree, yet they are intended to go hand in hand. Revival means recessitation (sp?) of something dead. If one lives a life of absolute surrender as the Apostles did, then Revival will be a natural outgrowth of that experience. Take the Wesley's, and Finney's who did not experience a season of Revival, but who lived a life of Revival. This is God's will I believe.



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 Re: God is willing!

A men brother Jeff ... i'm "burning' with you!

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