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 God's Creation...Any Sermons You'd Recommend?

Any sermons you'd recommend on the issue of creation vs. evolution. I see the weakness of the arguments of evolution, but I'm in a college class where it's being taught. I'm standing up for truth, but it feels like I'm being pulled apart. I see the simple foundation that order does not come from disorder. But so often I see people getting angry...there is little room for true discussion with a believer of evolution. I believe the spiritual battle here is really strong. The easiest thing would be to just be quiet and take the test and pass the class and go on...but that's not true. That's me severing myself from reality. I want to stand and proclaim truth...with love.

please pray that Christ would be glorified and that I would know His joy as I step feels weird to be mocked. I'm used to being liked. I don't want to end up like so many "angry creationists," instead I want to be so in love with the truth that I share it, without fear and without anger. -Josh

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 Re: God's Creation...Any Sermons You'd Recommend?

[b]Romans 1 by Keith Daniel[/b]

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 Re: God's Creation...Any Sermons You'd Recommend?

Brother, I understand the frustration you must be feeling. I took an online class last semester that taught evolution this and evolution that, and it frustrated me to no end. The very idea that we evolved from pond-scum or apes is laughable folly at best! I did learn that we mere men each have a cerebral cortex, a part of the brain that no other living creature has. Yet, evolutionary thought wants to explain it as something that developed through evolving. Here is why I think we have a cerebral cortex. GOD designed us with that extra piece of brain so that we can be intimate with Him, to be knowledgeable of His things, His will for us, His LOVE, His SACRIFICE, HIS BLOOD! He gave us free will after all.

Since evolution makes a mockery of all this, it shouldn't be surprising that people who willingly accept evolution (which, by the way, has no actual scientific evidence to support it besides the fact it is unBiblical) are also ready to mock you. But be glad and rejoice in the Lord, because one sign of being a Christian is that the world despises the Holy Spirit Who resides within you. Just hold onto the Truth, pray to Jesus, and ask Him to use you as best He can. I know He has a purpose for you in this college class, and you could very well make a difference!

May God bless you Brother Josh. I will pray for you.


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 Re: God's Creation...Any Sermons You'd Recommend?

i recently saw a documentary i found very good on the subject of evolution it was called "expelled no intelligence allowed" , it has some very good stuff in it, its not only christians in it but also others that dont have faith but still see great holes in the evolution theory. Very informative documentary. Check your pm.

edit: also, we must remember, this discussion will always be considered "foolishness" to those who are enemies to the cross of Christ, when we share a faith in God created heavens and the earth, we will be mocked,but let us not be moved away, but stand fast on Gods word. I am convinced all such situations are tests to test us if we are willing to stand up for God and his word even when no one else is, when all is ridiculing and mocking us. Such a man will always be a fool in the worlds eyes. But in that we can greatly rejoice...


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 Re: God's Creation...Any Sermons You'd Recommend?


I suggest that you visit Answers in Genesis on the web. They have all kinds of videos, audio, online articles, teachings, etc. You can find all kinds of awesome resources there.
You might also try the Institute for Creation Research.

Answers in Genesis puts out a book that looks at High School and even College textbooks and gives you sources of resources specific to that book so you will be knowledgeable in your discussions. I bought a copy for all of the students at our church camp a few years back. It is really quite helpful



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 Re: God's Creation...Any Sermons You'd Recommend?

Be patient until he mentions Genesis 1 (7m), and it becomes clear where he's going.

[url=]When The Temple Declares the Glory of God[/url] 47 mins - Carter Conlon

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 Re: Sermons

I suggest that you go to and there are sermons on there such as Sinners In The Hand Of An Angry God. The Almost Christian a few other good ones by Old time preachers. We need preachers that will preach Holiness and Righteousness. Preachers that live what they preach. God bless you. Love Your Brother In Christ,
Robert Smith

Robert Smith

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 Re: God's Creation...Any Sermons You'd Recommend?

Ken Hovind - Puts out really good info. that uses 'PROVEN/known science' to disprove evolution in his 'CSE Seminars' (for example magnetic reversals in the rotation of the planets etc...) I didn't know what it was either until he shed a little light on it!
arrivalofthefittest site has all his DVDs for free (as they are not copyrighted)

Age of the Earth & Lies in the Textbooks are tremendous,

I attended a 4 year secular University & know what your talking about.. it is frustrating to say the least! After graduation I attended one of his seminars & was overjoyed with what i heard -These DVDs exalt The Creator! & were instrumental in my young Christian life & our choice to homeschool

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 Re: God's Creation...Any Sermons You'd Recommend?

For any person who has ever pondered the possibility of life on other planets, astronomer and author Dr. High Ross traverses the solar system and blasts past distant galaxies to the time when light was born to show just how unique mankind is in the universe. In stark contrast to the few parameters though needed for life on other planets in the 1960s and the resulting excitement of Carl Sagan and other like-minded astronomers at the prospect of finding a life-sustaining planet situated near a particularly large star, decades of scientific research have revealed that the list of elements required to nurture life in the vast reaches of outer space is no less than staggering. With this release, Dr. Ross presents astronomical evidence indicating that the universe may be particularly fine tuned to human life, and created by an intelligent being intent on creating the perfect natural environment in which mankind can thrive. ~ [url=]Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide[/url]

Part of the video (28 min) here:
[url=]Journey Toward Earth[/url]

PS: I only offer this... not to argue over who is the BEST or correct creationist but for variety of creationists because there is more than one Christian opinion!!


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