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 Re: Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians

That link to download Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians doesn't seem to work anymore. I went to the trouble of converting the PDF file into a Word document and have uploaded to Scribd. You can download it from Scribd as a PDF or text file. I noticed that the few pictures at the end of the biographical sketches did not convert correctly and instead show as 6 to 8 lines of numerals and letters. Minor issue. This is a great book and you will enjoy it immensely. Here is the Scribd link:

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OR here is a scan of the original :)

I'm going to read it again... AWESOME! Its like Acts chapter 29 through 90 :)

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well i have read them and really the books are superb and the massage given by author is also understandable but need to act upon it which is the difficult .

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 The men that wrote the books; the fathers.

I think most of us that read may have a changing list as time rolls on. I do not read any books that are secular, except rarely some military history, and news. So, rather than titles, it is the man who has ministered to me.

Early in my walk, I loved Watchman Nee. I think I have read all of his works, and through him, I felt my intellectual horizons broadened in understanding the Spirit ,the Body and the Word. He was the first Apostolic idea man.

A.W. Tozer...Wow! A deep thinker, led by the Spirit...I read every Tozer book in print, I think. Whitefield....not prolific, but powerful.[ I wept at his love for Jesus]..and Wesley centered me some; Very fiery and duty bound. Bunyan too, and I saw the heart of a forerunner...who would give all for Jesus, no matter the cost. [I also wept..]

I love George Warnock..[ my friend..] and his prophetic insights and applications that amaze chatting with Apostle John when reading...about God's intentions and ideas about the journey, and the Bride. His "Feast of Tabernacles" is a classic must-read.

I have left out many, but probably the most influential brother in my life, to date, has been T. Austin-Sparks..a bible scholar who loved the brothers, and sought understanding from his dedication to the written Word, ....and got it. I think I've read him through...but always am blessed in a re-read.

I judge my self edified by reading on one standard only....the Presence and Revelation of Jesus with faith imparted...AS I read. Often I read these in a state of I experience emotions that lift me, or lead me into understanding. These books impart faith.

As a younger man, I dedicated myself to read 50 chapters a day, every day, of the Bible. I still read every day...but mix in writing and reading. I don't know what I would have done, though, without my mentors of old, my big brothers in writ, that helped me along the way. "Look what I found!"...and "Jesus' way is worth it!"and the illumination of the absolute Lordship of Christ.

 2011/8/30 9:33

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