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 Hi all

Hi to all in the forum. I am Aita singh Lama, Male from Kathmandu Nepal. I am interested for friends. Welcome for freidns with me. Please feel free to leave me message. Thanks.

Aita Singh Lama

 2010/2/1 6:46Profile

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Pacific Ocean

 Re: Hi all

Welcome to Sermonindex Aita. I hope this website is a blessing and that you do indeed find friends.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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North Central Florida

 Re: Hi all

Hello Aita,

Please tell us how how heard of Jesus. Was it through a missionary? How long have you believed on Jesus as Saviour? Does you Government support the Christian faith, or try to suppress it? Are there many other worshipers in your community? Sorry to ask all those questions but the answers are important to know. We hear so little about what happens in your Country.

Do you have a family? Wife? Children?

My family is small, only me and my Husband. We have been followers of Jesus for close to 30 years but recently are dedicating much more time to seek His Word and Praise Him. More of Him and less of the World is our aim.

Do you find it easy to acquire worship related reading material in Nepal? I imagine the Internet is a good source.

Hoping you can write and visit often,
Kind regards,
White Stone


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 Re: Hi all

It is so nice to have you. This is a great site for learning and fellowship.

Are you related to or familiar with the writings of Sadhu Sundar Singh? What a wonderful man of God he is. I say is because death has no hold on those who serve God, so he is just as alive now as he ever was.

Again pleased to meet you.


 2010/2/1 10:17Profile

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