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All I can say is AMEN brother. I agree with everything you have said, and gladly, I am reminded to be ravished with my wife.....thank you bro.

 2010/2/1 22:55

 Re: romance and Valentine Day?

My Mother is my only Valentine, and I do buy Roses and a box of chocolates for her. I just love it when the bakery is filled with small valentine cakes with "I love you" or "Be Mine" written on them. It's one of those gay times that people are festive over their loved one, I think that is really neat.

 2010/2/1 23:05

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I wanted to say thank you very much to those ladies here in the forum and who pm me for your kindness and support. After all that has happened my husband has asked me not to take part in forum and I want to respect that. I wanted to say to you ladies here that I have read over your posts and your pm and I will be in prayer over them and am taking them to heart. Some wonderful things were written to me and I hope to learn and grow with your advice. I really hope none of you will feel slighted that I did not get to write you back individually.

much love in Him

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I'm sorry you have had a bad experience - it is all a learning curve, The problem with expressing in writing is that you do not have body language and facial expressions to also go by which is essential to communication, so the writing has to be even more specific and to the point.

I do hope though that your husband reconsiders his decision and allows you to just put it down to a learning experience and move on, after all you did get a lot of positive feedback so it wasn't all bad!
I read your last note and it was so heartfelt and you were not wrong in what you said.

For us, we haven't much money at all and life is a struggle, I don't get anything on valentine's day but everyday in our 24 years of marriage my husband gives me hugs and kisses and tells me how much he loves me and how special I am - I don't need that one day a year!!
If I have a bad day he'll take me out for a country drive with my music playing and I'll sing my heart out while he drives - wonderful and so uplifting! - it's the little things he does that matter to me.

I do hope your husband will encourage you to grow, flourish and learn, it's what the Lord does with us all the time! we may let Him down many times but the Lord just picks us up, brushes us down and moves us on.
all the best x

Ceri Elaine

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rdg, as I consider the my initial response to your post I think that perhaps an explanation is in order so perhaps you could understand where I am coming from. Before I go there I must say that Ceri has it right when she says that in posting one cannot observe the body language of the poster so is it may well be one will not get the message intended.

rdg, your original post echoed the concepts that is shared by another person I know real well. She would say something similar and go on to declare similar sentiment like you posted in your explanation of where you were coming from. But the reality was is that she was a very selfish person, the way she treated her husband stank in spite of his efforts to love her. She was very critical and yet a very religious person. The outside world knew something was wrong because family members would speak of it but she was so intimidating that no one could ever confront her successfully - she would either get so angry or be so meek, but would never repent. Anyhow, when I read your post this is the memory that came to me...

rdg, I do hope you will reconsider your disgust at having posted this question...some gems were shared here on this thread - the kind one wants to go back and read again. Males came on board and reacted strongly -I loved that! Did you hear what they were saying? e.g. RobertW, I think it was, said how romance comes from the heart of God - the love that is to be shared by a husband and wife. It is not an invention of the devil. rdg, did you know there were Christian theologians in the past who taught against this? who taught that physical intimacy was only to be entered into when children are desired? Vestiges of this mindset still exist among some, not many, but I have heard of it. Husbands and wives are to find pleasure in each other and sometimes busyness gets in the way and it is neglected. One or the other will suffer which will provide for the enemy a loophole to weasel in to wreck this relationship.
The point is that Christians need to embrace, promote the delight that God has created for husbands and wives. The world has done a fabulous job in perverting it. They hanker for it, hence the perversion. The harder they work to reclaim some of the Godly pleasure the worse the mess.

RDG, I am glad you love your husband, that this love is mutual and that it does not need diamonds to prove it. Just keep on loving him and know that this is the will of God..

God bless..


Sandra Miller

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