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 Re: sin and repenting

I think that there are those sins that the Lord opens our hearts to and when we feel conviction we should respond and repent but does this mean that sins we may have been guilty of years and years ago need to be repented of specifically

Yes, it can be both. It depends on the sin, all sins are covered, however, some sins especially against another person God may want us to rectify with that person. I have seen Him move upon me at by times to confront someone that I had wronged years before, when I attempt to make the effort the LORD stopped me and told me that He has settled it. However at other times I have gone right up to the person. One of those times is when I skipped out on part of the rent and moved across town. I owed the guy $50 bucks. When I showed up at his door a few years later with the $50 dollars he was taken aback, he forgave me. I left him in amazement. God does the accounting and if we have wrong anyone, He expects us to go to that person. Most times we have simply forgotten the incident and He brings it to the forefront to be dealt with. Especially when we are seeking God. We are constantly asking Him to search us to see if we have wrong anyone and He is faithful and just to show us what is there that may be a hindrance. And when He does show us, our immediate response is to go to that person. That is not always the best way, asking the LORD to set it up so that the moment is right is always the best way. However, it's not a rule, it works for me.

 2010/2/21 19:17

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