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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Bad storm is coming

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Joined: 2009/12/8
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 Bad storm is coming

There is a bad storm coming. Oklahoma and East. They are saying ice then 1 foot of snow. Not to concerned about snow but the ice is bad here. They are preparing for power outages, tree limbs down etc. Your prayers for the effected area are appreciated. Thank you! Sheri

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 Re: Bad storm is coming

You got it Joyful_Heart, we live in N.Alabama and a lot time what you get we get. We own a restaurant it shuts us down. Prayers for you and all the path it follows.


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 Re: Bad storm is coming

Ummm, global warming.....the weather must be so confused...

Seriously, we know these things are serious. The cloudy weather we had this winter effected us dreadfully, but we take it as it comes and still keep on trusting the LORD. You know the storm is coming, unlike the Haitians and their earthquake, and can prepare for it. Now might be a time to get some popcorn and snuggle down with a cozy blanket and a heartwarming book!


Sandra Miller

 2010/1/27 22:30Profile


We are experiencing unbelievable warm weather while having a foot of snow on the ground. Today it felt like spring, when it should be -10 Celsius.

Ice storms come every so often, our last one was a few years ago, before that it was about 10 years. I hope you remain safe.

Ginny is right in saying, prepare!!

 2010/1/27 22:46

Joined: 2008/10/17
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Notts. England.

 Re: Bad storm is coming

Here in Britain we've just had the worst winter for 30 years! Great to see folk having fun and family time together in the snow though.
Never known our town to be so quiet and deserted when it turned to sheet ice, we're not used to it over here!

Ceri Elaine

 2010/1/28 14:04Profile

Joined: 2006/7/31
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Greetings Sheri

I will be praying for you. My mom lives back that way and she really has a hard time with these storms. I know that they can be really difficult on the elderly also.

God Bless

 2010/1/28 17:27Profile

Joined: 2009/12/11
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 Re: Bad storm is coming

Will be praying. My wife and I took hurricane Ike in '08 on the chin. We may not understand the ice, but we sure know the trepidation you feel knowing something you have no control over is bearing down on you. God IS in control so do not fear. Rest your head on His chest and rely on Him.

Matt Smith

 2010/1/29 10:06Profile

Joined: 2009/12/8
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 All praise to our God!

Bless you all for your prayers and kind comments! 162 K without power in Oklahoma alone right now! So we join other saints in praying for it to get restored quickly.

As for us. It was amazing to see what the Lord has done. I am not from here so ice storms and tornadoes are still to get used to. yes, global warming isn't here but the Lord is!
So, I waited all day yesterday as I watched Oklahoma City and all around us get ice etc. and watched the satellite on the weather channel. Even when it showed we should be getting something - there was not a drop. Dry as a bone. I just had to smile with the Lord. We literally had a circle of storm, a complete circle all around us. All we had was gray sky! Not a drop of anything! Then last night we got our first bit of snow. This morning there was about an inch on the ground. Not one thing on the power lines or trees. Just bare! Glory to God. Maybe we will get up to 2 inches more. It is cold 28' with a windchill of 10'. Cold and snow, I don't mind as I am from the mountains.

So thank you all for your prayers and kind words and responses. And please continue to pray for those without to be restored quickly. I think all of OK got prepared for this one and yes,you are so right, it is very hard on the elderly. God is so faithful to answer our prayers and provide for our needs. We love You Lord, thank You, we worship You our Savior for You are awesome and so powerful is Your Name above all Names. All glory to God, Sheri

 2010/1/29 10:36Profile

Joined: 2004/1/28
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washington dc/dod

 Re: All praise to our God!

Christ words are true --"That he will never leave you or forsake us"---Just stand on his words and when you cannot stand any longer ---just stand anyway----just stand and defy the devil--because he is just a fallen choir leader who wanted to take over heaven---but God our Father--shut him down--and in return --he lifts us up---so, just stand --thru the storm or rain or snow and any element on earth that comes your way--because of who we are in Christ Jesus--Joint Heir's with Christ.

in Christ's service,

Gerald Harris

 2010/1/29 11:35Profile

Joined: 2008/10/25
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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Bad storm is coming

This past 1/2 hour, the snow has started falling in my neck of the woods of east Tennessee. It's already sticking. It's a heavy fall of small snow flakes (they said large heavy ones yesterday), so I am grateful Jesus for that!!

If the Lord doesn't help, then there is no help for us!! From Oklahoma to the Atlantic.

Remember too, all the elderly, homeless, and children without heat and possibly water in this.


 2010/1/29 15:36Profile

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