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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : God's faithfulness through a car accident...

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Iowa, USA

 God's faithfulness through a car accident...

Dear ones in Christ,

I have not been on SermonIndex for quite some time, but as i return to the website, i see that God is still working through this ministry. God bless you brother Greg for your labors for the Kingdom of God.

I wanted to share a testimony about God's faithfulness through a recent car accident that i was involved in, resulting in a serious skull fracture, and brain injury on my part. I do not have the time to write out all the info, but i figured i would give the link to a webpage that my family put up during my recovery time, so that anyone who wanted to read about it could...

Needless to say, i have seen the mercy, and faithfulness of God throughout this time, and even though i have had many pains in recovery, the Gospel was spread through this event, and therefore, i would have it no other way.

Here's the link:

Click on the "MY STORY" link first to get the background of the accident, and then on the "JOURNAL" link to see the updates, which give more information about the accident, and about God's faithfulness...

God bless you all! May the Lord Jesus be glorified... Keep Him first!!



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 Re: God's faithfulness through a car accident...

Greetings nate

Thank you for sharing this with us. God is so good to His children and His love and faithfulness is such a blessing.Your story is such a wonderful testimony to His care. I pray you will continue to heal and be well:)

God Bless and welcome back

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 Re: God's faithfulness through a car accident...

Wow -- thank you for sharing! Welcome back, brother.


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