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 Re: "The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice"

Freedom does get messy, which is why we never really go all the way and say "do whatever you want" and [b]really[/b] mean it. This is partly due to the (apparent) truth that there is a limit (called the "Mill limit" by some, I believe due to John Stuart Mill) to how much freedom can be granted before it actually reduces the overall amount of freedom. Granting the freedom to murder, for example.

But that's more or less neither here nor there, my point is that it would be nice if all involved kindly restrained the use of their actual freedoms in the interest of keeping this particular part of the forum neat and focused on the point; we're quite free to carry the discussion to another section (for instance, the lounge), point our fellows to that thread, and have at it (in a Christlike manner, of course).

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 Re: An enemy of efficient prayer...

Neil and every other reader and friend,

An enemy of the functional, efficient prayer meeting is the “right of freedom of speech”.

A fundamental mistake made among us over and over again stems from minds out of focus. What is prayer but a mind and heart in silence before God, serving God by willingness to listen to the heart of God?

What is corporate worship but corporate service unto Him?
We shut down the possibilities to reach a point of agreement in the Lord just because we are talking, discussing and arguing to make our point of view the general point of view or, even worse, we are talking just to turn off the mind to proper and polite listening. John 4:6 is the worst scenario along this line.

This is the American way and the way of the nations, but it is not the way of the Kingdom of God.
Prayer is a situation of research, the situation at hand defined.
Prayer is a situation of pondering, source of the situation revealed, even discussed.
Prayer is a situation of silence, God given room to instruct.
Prayer is a situation of corporate action according to God’s heart.

We are losing it simply because we prefer guarding the ways of the nations’ right of freedom of speech instead of handling the nations in true church environment; the House of the Lord is a House of prayer for all nations.

Our major consern in the House of the Lord is to pray in a manner which prepares the way for the Lord, prepares an inroad for Him into the situation at hand.
Lars W.

Lars Widerberg

 2004/10/9 4:21Profile

 Re: I agree with you Lars

about 95% of the way, and the only reservation I hold are twofold;

1. sometimes when one is in contemplative prayer, seeking the Mind of the Lord, seeking the Face, and the Voice of the Lord, sometimes your mind will "wander", and one begins to think of something else. God has assured me that this is Him.

2.silence is silence, and bless God for the silent spirit ministering unto the Lord, but does and can it happen on a non-exclusive discussion? forum?

Lars in light of the what you outlined as objectives:

To do some decent comment on current issues.

I will endeavour do to my part, in the Light and Love of Christ.


 2004/10/9 13:58

Joined: 2003/6/22
Posts: 3318


Every blessing, Neil, as we move on...

Lars Widerberg

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