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 prayer for Lilly2

This sister is new to the forum, she is very hungry for God. She has been a Christian for some time. but she is hungry for love and more of Jesus, she needs strength from the Lord to get her up in the Lord where she wants to be. She is tired of mere Christianity. She's had enough of the world. It has done nothing to do but hurt her. She has come accross others who she loves but they don't seem to love her. she feels as though something would devour her, but has a hold on kind of grip because she knows the word well but she wants the other half so to speak.

Sister the bible is wonderful, the Theology is wonderful but remember the Jesus is the most important, and he will be by his Spirit in you the strength, then you can minister the strength to others, even your friends.

Our prayers are exceeding abundant to you we love you from our hearts not just our lips, we are there for you hang in there the best is yet to come, being here with us is a chance for us to shine for David.

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 Re: prayer for Lilly2

Lifting up Lilly. She is loved so very much. Praying she will know without a doubt how loved she is by our Lord and by the saints. Sometimes we fail in showing love for one reason or another and have to be thrilled of God's love for us, and that alone, will get us through. God is faithful. Amen!

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 Re: prayer for Lilly2

i'm praying for Lilly right now.


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