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 Andrew Strom

Dear Andrew Strom,

For the past years I have perodically read your anti-revival,outpouring articles. These contain specific people and ministrys that you supposedly in your opinion are a cult. As a young man who loves God and desires to see Him, I look for father examples in the faith. Just like Paul said "there are many teachers, but not many fathers."

I look at you and all I see is someone who builds a following by trash talking and tearing down of organizations, people and ministrys. I would desire to look to you as someone to inspire me to hunger after God and to be sound.

I love your drive for righteousness and desire for souls. Thats inspiring, but what dilutes your passion is your constant negativity and tearing down of people. We all have skeletons, (I do right now) we all can point a finger at someone, we all can say that "its" not of God or "its" of God.

I know for a young man and being in this generation, young people are turned off by anyone who automaticlly assumes they are right and know the mind of God. I know young people are turned off by any form of division. They see it in their homes allready and see it in hollywood.

We are fed up! We want leaders who will stop finger pointing and help us into the promise land.

To "us" you need to go to hollywood and have your own reality show, you have enough drama to air a whole decade of t.v. And you know hollywood would eat you alive.

Doesnt the bible say, "love your enemies" " We all know your enemies are those in the prohetic movement.

What are you going to do when your gone? When your kids kids have passed? Eventually you will pass, your insults, slanders, and malic will beforgotten.

I am going to speak to you how you sound to are generation.... You are hard, and angry. You build and profit your ministry by accusing others and judgeing others. You wernt excepted by your former leaders so you tried to creat your own movement. I see you spend more time trash talking others in your anti- articles, than your spend writing on how many people your saving and helping. You are a generation of salem...on a witch hunt to build a name for yourself. and why are you studying occults from the kundi or whatever you call it cult. You are what you open your self up to.

Doesnt feel good when people accuse you of things that arnt true....

From a generation to you...Just stop it! Enough is enough! all your doing is causing confussion. And you say confussion is of the devil, well then maybe you are employed by Him?

Pretty soon people are going to know you by "Andrew Strom, the "Hater"

When I read the bible and it talks about loving your brother, "You have missed it" I want to look up to you, but I cant. On behalf of my generation, we greive and pray for you. That you will see the light. That you will repent and ask for forgiveness for causing so much hate and confussion. Repent openly before the body and go to Todd Bentley and ask for forgiveness for trashing him, and the whole prohetic movement. Then maybe people will listen to you and you will see true revival break out through your ministry. I know if you did that, a generation will respond to you and listen to your heart. You have some great points that my generation needs to live out. But you are hindering yourself. Your using hurt people to hurt the body, to turn on love and embrace division and confussion.

Please stop, for a generation desires leaders who are unifed.


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 Re: Andrew Strom

You haven't addressed the real question: is Andrew Strom right or wrong? He says that the prophetic movement is a counterfeit revival. Can you refute that? Why should we believe that this is a genuine move of God, when all the evidence points to the contrary?

Wayne Kraus

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While I do not personally care for Andrew Strom (even though he was a great blessing in helping me take the gospel to the streets), mostly due to some comments he made about 3 or 4 years ago, I do greatly welcome his criticisms of the prophetic movement. There are few people out there today that do offer critiques of this movement, especially amongst those who move in those circles. Strom has had many connections to people within that movements, which make his insights rather accurate and helpful. I would personally like to see him change his approach in some regards to some of the things he has said, as he does seem a bit cynical sometimes. But then again, I have room to grow in this area as well.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Andrew Strom


This post seems like a personal attack and is not edifying to the body of Christ. If you feel so strongly I think the Biblical way to handle this would be for you to send this to Andrew Strom personally, rather then throwing stones at him through an internet forum.

Something for you to consider

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This post seems like a personal attack and is not edifying to the body of Christ. If you feel so strongly I think the Biblical way to handle this would be for you to send this to Andrew Strom personally, rather then throwing stones at him through an internet forum.

My sentiments exactly.

Please refrain from posting these types of public rebukes, attacks, corrections on SermonIndex. The Biblical way is to consult the offender in private and if no leeway is gained, to notify the elders.

This thread is locked. We ask that you not create anymore like it.

Thank you for understanding,

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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