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This world is not my home anymore.



I guess I should have reworded the "I don't care" comment ( :) ) because first and foremost my trust is in the Lord and I should NOT have worded it as if there was no hope except in this movie. For that I am truly sorry.

God does want us to stop focusing on ourselves and He does want us to care for others, but He wants us to do so in Him.

Agreed. I also said that, "if it keeps one teenager or anyone else alive until they are sent someone by God, then I'm all for it." If this happens then they too will be "in Him."!!!!

I'm only human and I don't know that God DOES want anything to do with this movie but for the other-side-of-the-coins-sake, how do you or any others know that He DOES NOT want anything to do with this movie?

I only ask that because God has used two movies in my life so far (Dragonfly & The Perfect Storm) to drastically make a point and speak to me. That seems logical that God would use what speaks to a person or this generation. Again, I will admit that I could be wrong.

In a long conclusion!! From our possible different church backgrounds (not just you and I but each on us on SI), and also from our different experiences in life, [b]could it be that we define worldly differently?[/b] One would think that the meaning of the term "worldly" was static but after this conversation, I'm thinking that it is fluid!

And I asked about the dinner and wine thing b/c of Jesus. He ate with "unbelievers," drank wine but do we consider Him worldly? I would never call Jesus worldly! By the way, I do not drink. So what one person considers worldly may not actually be "worldly" per se. That's all I'm trying to say but I may not be saying it very well. So I apologize if it's not clear. ** I am not trying to change your view of worldiness either! You have yours, as I have mine but if you feel I'm terribly off the mark, please pray for me!

God bless you rdg!!


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I appreciate everyones comments about what was on my mind about this movie. After reading everyones thoughts, what comes to mind is something that someone said once. Everyone has different light on what God's word says. It's like school, some of us are in the 1st grade, others maybe in 6th. What matters is our willingness to be humble and possibly incorrect about something we previously thought. Maybe that person has more light in an area than myself, praise God for that. I just pray I can learn and grow from that in some way. I pray that I never reach a place and think I know it all and everyone else is wrong. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. I never want to be in a place where even God resists me.

God bless each of those who seek His face. Here's a great quote from a Brother of mine... Let Love fill your gas tank, but keep wisdom in the drivers seat.

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Hi Lysa

"I don't care" comment ( :) ) because first and foremost my trust is in the Lord and I should NOT have worded it as if there was no hope except in this movie. For that I am truly sorry.


Thank you for clarify this for me. I have many times chosen words with out thinking fully and have found later that I need to clarify because it did not convey what was on my heart. I think we all have done this at one time:)

It is completely possible that we do have two differing views of what is worldly. I will explain mine further:)
To me worldly would be using things like fornication, underage drinking, foul language, self mutilation, and rock music to appeal to young people to get them to come hear a message(that may or not be watered down.) While Jesus did eat with sinners, He did not compromise Himself. He did hang out with sinners that is true but when He was around these sinners stopped what they were doing and followed Him. It was not the other way around. Jesus did not start sinning or taking part in sin to get them to follow Him? He never lowered the standard or watered down the message to attract anyone to Himself, see what I mean?

As for drinking alcohol being worldly or sinful I did not say that. I asked what the motives of ones heart would be for doing it? I personally do not drink(I hate the smell so I think I would hate the taste) but I am not saying that drinking is a sin, just asking what would be the motive of ones heart in the situation to drink? Of course I understand that your question was hypothetical concerning yourself since you do not drink either. I do think it is still a valid question for us to be asking ourselves when we are in any given situation. I think it is important to check the motives of our heart.

I actually have had the Lord use many edited movies to speak to me also. I am not saying that He does not use movies, books, videos or other things to speak to us. I think He does, let those who have eyes to see See! I am saying that I believe we need to be very careful in what we put before our eyes. We also need to be very careful in how we share truth with others that we do not come across as using gimmicks, tricks or compromise to reach this generation or any for that matter. The earliest believers did not use anything but the truth of Christ crucified and many came to repent and know the Lord. Why would it be any different today?

Lysa please do not feel as if you are not conveying your thoughts well. I think you are doing wonderful and I very much appreciate your heart on this. As I said it is very clear to me that you have a real love for the lost, it comes through in what you write. Please do not feel as if I am trying to change your mind, only Jesus can change any of us. I am merely sharing what the Lord has shown me in these things and listening to what He has for you as well. I trust that He will show us each what He has for us. In this as in all things there is always room for each of us to grow, I know I still have much to learn in Him:)

love in Him and thank you for sharing with me on this

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