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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Do we know if 'The Prodigal Son' was saved before he got lost?

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 Re: Do we know if 'The Prodigal Son' was saved before he got lost?

Being who God is, I seriously doubt this parable is about only one character. No one is wrong here!

About it being named "The Prodigal Son," we need to remember when Luke wrote "Luke," he did not separate his information into chapters and verses and he certainly did NOT subtitle each little section for better readability!! LOL That was someone else a few hundred years later who added all that!

Also the word of God is living and breathing. I think there are different times in our lives when we will better relate to the son who spent everything through riotous living, another time we will understand and relate to the son who never left and yet felt left out. And one day we will be able to relate to the father who left all to run out and meet his son to welcome Him home as a parent and as God has run to meet us when we return home!!

Back to the parable... to answer your question, I think the "prodical son" and his older brother was indeed saved simply by being the "father's sons."

God bless,


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I think the "prodical son" and his older brother was indeed saved simply by being the "father's sons."

That was good!

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But I know what your can walk with Jesus for years and still betray him.

Yes we can walk with Jesus for years and still betray him, that's precisly what Judas did. And he paid for it. I think his name is blotted out of the book.

Marc Collette

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 Re: Do we know if 'The Prodigal Son' was saved before he got lost?

Although there are probably many parallels you can draw from the prodigal son, I have to agree with the KJ's initial assessment. Luke 16 is part of the same conversation. Here we have the story of the rich man and Lazarus. Notice it is a strong indictment against the religious Jews. Their eyes were blinded to the truth. When the rich man died (the Pharisee if you will, or at least the religious Jew who put his trust in keeping the law and denied Christ as the Messiah), he begged for someone to tell his brothers so they would not suffer the same fate. Jesus, prophetically speaking of Himself, says that they would not listen even if one rose from the dead. Lazarus symbolizes the gentiles who were despised by the Jews. But, God is going to use the fullness of the gentiles to provoke Israel to jealously. Though the religious Jews were cut off, they will one day soon be grafted back in when the fullness of the gentiles comes in. I believe the real point of the prodigal son is similar and focuses on the reaction of the older brother. However, this does not minimize or marginalize the other lessons we can draw from it. It is just that we see these parables from our own perspective rather than from the perspective of the Biblical and cultural context they were spoken in.


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 Re: prodigal son

It is a story of all three characters, man is not an island, we are affected by everyone around us and in our lives.
Another angle that hasn't been mentioned is that of attitude.
At first the progigal had an attitude of 'give me, give me' He took everything the father had for him for granted and squandered it without regard.
Many christians have an attitude of 'what can God do for me?' what do I get out of this?' 'Lord, give me, give me' The 'name it and claim it' teaching.
It was only when he hit the pit of life that he came to his senses. He realised what he had done and what truly mattered, then he returned to the father in true repentance and said 'make me, make me - I am not worthy'
Here we see the father's heart - he was still his son.
The father allowed it to happen for the heart and attitude of the son to change.

Ceri Elaine

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