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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : What kind of men will lead the next revival?

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Amen and amen to all concerning the different replies here. It is a set apart people that He is seeking.

I know people lecture us about how those in other nations have nothing and are content etc. It rather makes you feel badly at times as if they are more godly.

I see ourselves as Moses in Egypt. I believe there is more of a testimony when we willfully turn our backs on these treasures and enticements of this Egypt where we dwell. Art Katz had to warn a group of Korean brethren who had seen poverty and were now being blessed by an easier life. He asked them if these things would turn their hearts away.

So, if God sanctifies a remnant of people in the most ungodly nation of the world called the United States, I believe he'll have a powerful little group that can make the devil miserable.


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hi,only men chosen by God...i honestly believe my pastor is a man chosen and equiped and in the midst of leading other Godly men to this very goal..jimp

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