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 Search engine on

Is there a search engine on sermonindex to look up specific topics or ideas? If there is then I'm totally blind but if not I think it would be a great idea for one to be program into this website. And if there is one can someone point it out to me? Reason I ask is because I'm interested to know what people think about these topics:

--->Did Jesus write anything on paper for us to follow after His death? And if He did then why does the Bible not have them?

--->Catholics/Orthadox/Prostestant: Where is the line drawn on common practices?

--->How did Jesus worship in the local churches in his area? As the Catholics/Orthadox or something totally different?

--->Where did he worship and what did Jesus think about how the churches worshipped back when He was still here? Did He accept them as they were and were we to follow them today?

--->How did the post pentacostal churches worship? As what we see with the Catholics/Orthadox before the Roman Empire calapse?

I've been doing tons of research it seems like during the past year about church history, church practices, church beliefs, and church mindsets through the ages and now I'm curious to know what people here on sermonindex have to say about them.

Thanks guys and I hope everything about all edify the name of our Lord Jesus.

 2010/1/20 9:07

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 Re: Search engine on

It is simply recommended you use google to search the site:

just search for "sermonindex search engine" on google and then use this link:


SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2010/1/20 9:52Profile


It seems that this same question is ask pretty often. Just curious as to why a easy to find link to a search engine in no longer available at this site. It used to be present, and it was much appreciated. Can it be restored?

 2010/1/20 11:46

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