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 Covering the Ruler in Prayer

Ps 72.
Comments and notes on Rulers and the necessity of covering them in prayer
By Lars Widerberg

Psalm 72:1
Give the king Thy judgments.

Prayer is the mark of a Christian. Prayer is the breath of the Christian life. Prayer is the source of a rich Christian life. Prayer brings Christian living to its goal and fulfilment. Prayer is loyalty to God and it is God’s own tool to communicate grace and mercy.
The mark of a well-instructed and disciplined prayer life is its continual occupation with men in authority. Prayer for the king, prayer for the president, the prime minister, the governor, princes and noblemen, points out an obedient prayer life. ”First of all”, says Paul, pray for the first men. Prayer is a matter of priorities. The straightening out of the matter of priorities is of prophetic significance. Peace flows from a life governed by proper priorities.

When Paul, in 1 Tim 2:1-4, describes the results of a structured prayer life, he uses a word which signifies a ceasing of running hither and thither. He describes in a few words the quiet life quietening the unrest, the prophetic stillness of the inner way speaking silence to turmoil and strife. An ordered prayer life becomes prophetic, paving the way for heavenly order - not only asking for order, but by its own practiced order producing order.

To be praying first-priority-prayers is to be engaged in a spiritual battle for nations. Praying for the king - for men in authority - is to be enabling them to do what the Book requires of them. Every ruler is under divine obligation as to serving his people. No options will ever be granted as to ruling according to God’s standards. A man taking position as the head of a people is immediately and – one dare to say – automatically brought under severe heavenly scrutiny regarding responsibility and accountability. Rulership equals fatherhood and any child recognizes a good father. The rule ruling the rulers, the measuring rod set forth is that of the heavenly Father reflected in Christ Jesus.

Intercession is to be waiting before God on behalf of the leaders of a society. A king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord. He turns it wherever He wishes, Prov 21:1. Cultivating hearts, turning hearts is intercessors’ business. Kings’ hearts are easily impressed. They are all sensitive men under great pressure, easily covenanting with any spiritual power promising protection and prosperity. Serving a king is always done by obedience to the better covenant, Hebr 8:6, never compromising, never sharing in other pacts or games of initiation.

Solid praying for a ruler has its proper foundation in the understanding of the covenant and of a praying directed by the Word of God. Ps 72 contains a perfect pattern. Once written by Solomon, or for Solomon, to be prayed for him, this psalm, this prayer can be brought to relevancy in any ruler’s situation.
Praying for kings aims at preparing a climate of listening. Give the king Thy judgments, Ps 72:1. Give the rulers insight into and knowledge of Your ways of judgment. Prayer produces ability to judge and to discern. Prayer brings the eternal law into focus. It is the king’s strength to love justice, Ps 99:4.

Arbitrary rule is cruel. It reveals man’s loss of dignity. Rulership based on a modern humanistic viewpoint is little but arbitrary rule; humanism is little but absence of dignity. Humanism replaces dignity. The opposite is true about true royalty, which is meant to display and convey dignity. Jesus Christ is the King of kings. In him we find a reference point. He brings in proper measurement. Jesus Christ brings forth, brings out on display and restores man’s dignity by the glory bestowed on him. This is my Son, this is my standard – and it is final.

To be praying for kings does not imply a covering or upholding of the function of royalty - or any type of rule - for its own sake. To be praying for rulers is to be looking for an instrument by which the Father would be able to serve peoples and nations. To be praying for kings is to be acting as a royal priesthood for the sake of the restoration of man’s dignity.
The Church - a prophetic people – holds a vocational role before the Lord. The Church is meant to gather in the center of society, in any city or village, to pray for kings, for rulers, for its leaders. It is there to pray forth dignity to a society that has lost all and every sense of humanity. This is God’s prophetic aim at this hour – this role and rule never changes.

Arbitrary rule is cruel. God’s order is set up for the defence of the poor and needy. God’s rule favours the weak and crushed. God brings gentle order. Where there is no vision, people perish. Where there is no gentle order, the weak are misled and they will thereby perish. Where there is no room for the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of prophecy, the people is unruly - people inside the church and people not related to any church do all react the same way.
The quiet life of prayer is quietening the unrest, the prophetic stillness of the inner way is speaking silence to turmoil and strife. An ordered prayer life becomes prophetic, paving the way for heavenly order - not only asking for order, but by its own practiced order producing order.

Give to the king Thy law, Thy ability to rule and to judge. Give to the ruler an ability to discern, to have a clear vision of what is right, of what brings dignity to the people under his hand.

Lars Widerberg

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 Re: Covering the Ruler in Prayer

I just want to say thank you for posting this. This is most edifying to my soul. God has been teaching me so much about prayer in the last few months.

Adam Fell

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 Re: Covering the Ruler in Prayer

First of all, I really like the expression “First-priority-prayer”.
Where are we in relation to all this?

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