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 If you can

can I just ask for prayer brothers and sisters. Tonight my heart is just so heavy, I know that He has brought me to this place for His purpose. I so want to walk with Him in every part of my life but lately as I look around me I just don't see very much of Him. I need Him to tear down the walls around my heart...

please pray for me

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 Re: If you can

I can and will wait with you in prayer.

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 Re: If you can

God will help you.
He delights in His Children.
Thank-God, He doesn't leave us when we have a heavy heart.
May you feel His presence, and know that you are the Apple of His eye.
God Bless

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The greatest breakthroughs often come after the time in the wilderness...

But there is another truth that often comes along with this...

The wilderness / loneliness often comes after our greatest victories...

Example: Elijah running into the wilderness after defeating the priests of Baal.

Christ being driven into the wilderness after the greatest moment at that point in time of his ministry, being baptized and the Father openly ordaining him for the ministry he was about to undertake.

Be vigilant for we are prone to wander, cry out for the showers of grace.

Keeping you in prayers and thoughts.


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Thank you for your prayers and kind words. I really am grateful for the support. It is not something I have had very much of.

I think for me last night was the breaking point and now begins my journey out of the wilderness and from behind the walls I have surrounded myself with.

Thank you to the many brothers and sisters who have shared with me and set such a loving example in Him. I will be leaving later this evening for home I pray that you all may have many blessings in Him.

with care in Him

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