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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Such a need for revival

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Joined: 2010/1/15
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knoxville, TN

 Such a need for revival

The Church has such a need for a God sent, Holy Spirit filled, Pentecostal type revival! Please join me in praying every Saturday evening from 11P.M.-12A.M. for revival. May the fires of revival start in our own lives, and reach out to our families and churches.

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Donald Beeman

 2010/1/15 23:03Profile

 Re: Such a need for revival

It's nice to see so many people so concerned with revival. It's also a tragedy when the idea of revival becomes some what of an idol to some people.

History doesn't fail us and it never will. Almost seems like when the focus of people is only on bare neccessities is only when people turn their hearts to God.

We should probably pray for the total collapse of the American infrastructure in the goverment and in the economy for people in America to be totally deprived from the luxories that everyone seems to have. Or probably even pray for the one world government to happen sooner than later to spark a world wide revival to all who follow Christ.

 2010/1/20 20:12

 Re: Such a need for revival

Pastor Beeman, welcome older brother, i truly like that idea. pastor, usually i'm to bed by 8 or 9, and up by 5 to 6, because i spend at least 3 hours in devotional Scriptural reading and prayer, but i'll talk to Our Father and see what He says, but i sure do want to be a part of any tarrying ministry.

in Jesus love, neil

 2010/1/20 22:00


Hey Pastor, a group of us have been praying evey Tuesday night for about a year and a half. Its a prayer conference call, your more than welcome to come pray with us if you like. The continuous theme is for revival. Details can be found in the "Sermonindex announcments.".........Frank

 2010/1/20 23:27

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