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 Psalm 27: Unforgettable, Ultra Powerful

I don't know whether it has ever struck you, but this is one of the greatest Psalms of David and worth memorizing by heart.

Take just the first line. 'The Lord is my light and my salvation'. Why does David club light and salvation? Because first & foremost there has to be that inshining of light, the revelation of God, an inward illumination, often through the word of God. We children of God have come into the light, and the effect of light is deliverance. Deliverance from darkness. Suddenly we see, and in seeing our faith is strengthened; we praise God.

And the light is my salvation, because light primarily heals. When God's truth becomes something more than mere doctrine, but flashes with life, it takes hold of you. It is like opening the eyes of the blind. You've come into a new world. And revelation leads to faith, and faith dispels fear. You are bold as a lion.

The word unveiled empowers you. The word that focuses in a new way upon the LORD, the Lord Jesus Christ. We see Him in a new way. We begin to glimpse His glory. He is really and truly our salvation... at all times! Not only in the past, when He saved me from sin, Satan, death & hell. But He continues to save, continues to deliver. He is my ever-present Savior, in a continuing salvation, saving spirit & soul as a Living & Loving Redeemer.

[The intensity of this Psalm is amazing. A Psalm worth reflecting upon. I hope that at least 3 members of this Forum will comment on this Psalm. I'm sure it has been a blessing to thousands of Christians over the centuries.]

 2010/1/14 5:14

 Re: Psalm 27: Unforgettable, Ultra Powerful

I thought Psalm 27 would have impacted at least three members in this Forum. It is so powerful & intense, and full of depth and blessing.

Isn't there anyone here who has meditated on this Psalm?

 2010/1/15 11:29

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I will stand up and be counted!!! I too love this psalm. I read it over and over and quote it. It is so very powerful. I am a photographer and I am creating a line of greeting cards using verses of this psalm. One day when reading it and a very low time in my life - it seemed everyone and everything was against me. I was reading PS 27. And the H.S. brought to life the verse - I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the LIVING. I was so down it was the thoughts of Heaven that kept me going. But the H.S. quickened this verse to my heart and the words - In The Land Of The Living - that was a Word from the Lord to me at that time. Not just in Heaven but He was telling me I would see His goodness before I went to Heaven. And I am!!! Glory to God. My Lord turned my mourning into dancing & singing and He is not done blessing yet!!! I am going to go read it again right now! It is an awesome Word from the Lord. In Christ, Sheri

 2010/1/15 12:45Profile

 Re: Joyful Heart

Amazing. It was the same line that recently touched my heart. That I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Yes, I would see God's goodness in answered prayer right here on earth. That portion of the Psalm touched my heart in a wonderful way recently.

May the Lord bless you abundantly for sharing. This is the Lord's coincidence, really.

 2010/1/15 20:41

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