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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Pat Robertson makes some pretty harsh comments against Haiti:

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 Re: what Pat Robertson doesnt know:

France held the colony of Haiti, to keep everyone in line, the French were DEVILISHLY crafty, and as a nation, the French were in bondage to that whore of babylon, the roman institution, and its horn of satan, the they crafted a set of "laws" dealing with this colony, called the "Code Noir", the Black Code.

The Code Noir was a decree passed by France's King Louis XIV in 1685. The Code Noir defined the conditions of slavery in the French colonial empire, restricted the activities of free Negroes, forbade the exercise of any religion other than Roman Catholicism, and ordered all Jews out of France's colonies. The code has been described by Tyler Stovall as "one of the most extensive official documents on race, slavery, and freedom ever drawn up in Europe."


In 60 articles[2], the document specified that:

Jews could not reside in the French colonies (art. 1)
slaves must be baptized in the Roman Catholic Church (art. 2)
forbade the exercise of any religion other than Catholicism (art. 3)
slave masters must be Roman Catholic (art. 4)
non-Catholic colonial subjects must not interfere with the Catholic practices of other subjects (art. 5)
all colonial subjects and slaves must observe Catholic holidays regardless of their own faith, and no one must work on Sundays and on holidays (art. 6)
slave markets must not be held on Catholic holidays (art. 7)
only Catholic marriages would be recognized (art. 8)
married free men will be fined for having children with their slave concubines, as will the slave concubine's master. If the man himself is the master of the slave concubine, the slave and child will be removed from his ownership. If the man was not married, he should then be married to the slave concubine thus freeing her and the child from slavery (art. 9)
weddings between slaves must be carried out only with the masters' permission (art. 10). Slaves will not be married without their own consent (art. 11)
children born between married slaves are also slaves, belonging to the female slave's master (art. 12)
children between a male slave and a female free woman are free ; children between a female slave and a free man are slaves (art. 13)
slaves shall not carry weapons except under permission of their masters for hunting purposes (art. 15)
slaves belonging to different masters may not gather at any time under any circumstance (art. 16)
slaves shall not sell sugar cane, even with permission of their masters (art. 18)
slaves may not sell any other commodity without permission of their masters (art. 19 - 21)
masters must give food (quantities specified) and clothes to their slaves, even when they are sick or old (art. 22 - 27)
(unclear) slaves can testify but only for information (art. 30-32)
a slave who strikes his or her master, his wife, mistress or children will be executed (art. 33)
fugitive slaves absent for a month shall have their ears cut off and be branded. For another month their hamstring will be cut and they will be branded again. A third time they will be executed (art. 38)
masters of freed slaves who give refuge to fugitive slaves will be fined (art. 39)
(unclear) a master who falsely accuses a slave of a crime and has the slave put to death will be fined (art. 40)
masters may chain and beat slaves but may not torture nor mutilate them (art. 42)
masters who kill their slaves will be punished (art. 43)
slaves are community property and cannot be mortgaged, and must be equally split between the masters inheritors, but can be used as payment in case of debt or bankruptcy, and otherwise sold (art. 44 - 46, 48 - 54)
slave husband and wife (and their prepubescent children) under the same master are not to be sold separately (art. 47)
slave masters 20 years of age (25 years without parental permission) may free their slaves (art. 55)
slaves who are declared to be sole legatees by their masters, or named as executors of their wills, or tutors of their children, shall be held and considered as freed slaves (art. 56)
freed slaves are French subjects, even if born elsewhere (art. 57)
freed slaves must show special respect to their former masters and their family members (art. 58)
freed slaves have the same rights as French colonial subjects (art. 59)
fees and fines paid with regards to the Code Noir must go to the royal administration, but one third will be assigned to the local hospital (art. 60)

not a good foundation to lay a nation and society upon, is it? So if Pat Robertson really wants to speak about "pacts with the devil", maybe he should start with the Emperor Constantine, who made a pact with the devil in the 4th century and started "the holy roman church".

 2010/1/14 11:00

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Neil, do you see a disconnect between this: "First he retold a very familiar story about the history of Haiti about a pact that was made by its revolutionary leaders. In exchange for help in throwing out the French Haiti would serve Satan. Some have disputed this ever happened. But what is indisputable is Haiti's history ever since then has been one of incredible suffering." and what you are saying?

This story of Haiti being given over to the devil has been recounted to me by missionaries that have served there. They talk much about the influence and destruction of Voodooism - something most Americans know little about.

In any case, I do know this earthquake will give Christians opportunities for service. God bless those Christians on the field with much grace, physical strength to cope with the challenges before them. We Americans would so well to provide for them rather then sit in our easy chairs and theorize why it happened.

Thanks for the insight, Neil.


Sandra Miller

 2010/1/15 9:37Profile


ginnyrose, thanks for posting that article. He touched on things that have been on my mind.

While Paul says, "how unsearchable are His judgments," scripture also testifies that God can chastise or judge nations using nature or enemy troops, etc.

One thing on this, especialy since 9/11. The resistence by secular media and some christions to acknowledge that God still can send "judgments" has been on the rise. I think the mayor of New Orleans made a comment about Katrina and Gods judgement. Yes, you guessed it, the backlash was so strong that he had to apologize. I can't document all the instances. When a christian in the public arena makes such statements they usually have to apologize a day or two later.

The media are experts at taking soundbites out of context and painting a picture of christians who say such things as unloving, in a time when we need compassion, etc.

I watched the Good Morning America report on this and it was amazing how crafty the female reporter and George Stephano..(however is name is spelled)were.

Imagine, during the "great Tribulation", the judgemnts of God are coming and any christian who would dare say it will be cast as the enemy and hateful and should be jailed for hatespeech etc...

Well, thats my little add to this thread.

 2010/1/15 10:26

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