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it's about confronting the community about it's sin.

I don't know if that is bibilically true.

It attracts a lot of people when preachers preach hell fire damnation messages, but the Good News is not about confronting sin, it's showing the remedy for sin. We think it's our duty to make sure that people are aware that they are sinners. When we read about Peter's message on the day of Pentecost, the Jews sin was rejecting the Messiah, Peter didn't get into other sins, it wasn't necessary, repentance and baptism through His name covered all of it. When I read of Paul's message amongst the Athenians Acts 17:23, there was no mention about the awareness of sin, except only that Paul was making them aware that there is only one God who rules over the whole earth, their "sin" was not recognizing the true God.

It says that the Holy Ghost would convince the world of sin, not us, John 16:8. I've seen sinners melt just by hearing that Jesus was a way out, and those that preach hell and damnation the results of their preaching is legalistic converts who want to make sure that every one stays in bondage to a sin consciousness, never quite be fully accepted before God.

Besides their selection of music, this is no different of what we would do in our own homes. Don't we sit around and play a game with our family?

When Jesus was sitting with the sinners He told them stories about the kingdom of God. He never once condemned a sinner, but He did reprove the hypocrite.

During that great awakening in the Hebrides, there was no preacher to tell sinners that they were sinners, the Holy Ghost moved across those islands and convinced them they needed Jesus to save them. They knew they were sinners, they were crying out to God "Have mercy on me", they were crying out for a remedy, the balm in Gilead. Duncan Campbell was sent by God to establish and ground the people whom the Holy Spirit brought in. "That no flesh should glory in my presence".

As for this Presbyterian Church, nothing is perfect, but there is a reaching out, and who knows, God may get a hold of that Pastor and those of the community he has befriended might all come into the Kingdom of God. Lets not just judge the surface of what we see and read, lets take the recent admonition of what Paul West said and the words of Jesus...

"Leave them alone".

 2010/1/30 9:17

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when preachers preach hell fire damnation messages

Brother, in the recent past, say like 45 years, preachers took the position you stated. They quit preaching about hell and preached only love - the love of God and how one needs to love others and not 'judge'. That unleashed a apostasy the like the church has not seen in recent years. In the time up to that preachers preached hellfire and brimstone. People did smell the smoke and got scared so they came to the LORD to be saved from that eternal damnation. This is not bad. But what is bad is when people will not grow in their walk with the LORD in knowledge and obedience. (I am happen to be old enough to have witnessed this change. And I promised you, it was a whole lot more comfortable to go to revivals when the preacher was not preaching about sin. But it did not promote repentance or growth, just kept me lukewarm - been there done that.)

Love is essential but love also demands a confrontation of sin. When Jesus healed people he usually reminded them of their sinful state and offered forgiveness. It is not loving to know a person is living for self, who is on the way to hell to not remind him of his eternal destination unless he repents. It is a lot like a person who knows a bridge is out ahead but refuses to share the info like putting up a barricade to warn others coming along. We are called to be watchmen. And God help us less we fail in our responsibilities.

A church putting a puzzle together??? I do not get a lot of attention but we do know that one is called to redeem the time. So how can the individual best do this? How much of the things we do is simply wasting time? is not productive in anything? Like putting a puzzle together online - as soon as I get done I close it out! Wasted all those minutes....but it IS fun....SIGH


Sandra Miller

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God's love is much more appreciated when looked at against the backdrop of His hatred for sin, like stars against a night sky.


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