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 The god of Islam

The god of Islam By: Norma Klingler

Perhaps there has never been a greater need for Jews and Christians to become one, or a greater time in the history of humanity for these two groups of people to join together and fight the Islamic take over of the world.

Now we have a Muslim president, yes, Obama is a Muslim. He has told us so in many video clips publically available for the world to see, how he admires Islam and even quoted from the Quran. He is the only US president not to bow to the Queen of England, but bowed down instead to the Saudi King…This single act, coming from the president of the United Stated openly told the world where his allegiance is, and where he intends to take this country…You have seen it already in his open rejection of the Christians church and his rejection of Christmas. If these things do not concern you, it is better that you get your head out the sand or the "sandstorm" will blow you away.

Islam, Jews and Christians initially believed in the same God, and core beliefs of the revelation of God through the prophets. They all believe in the creation of the world by God, and God’s desire to be worshiped only…That there is no other God. With the rejection of Israel as the chosen children of the Covenant, the subsequent rejection of Jesus Messiah, and the gradual splintering of Christianity, Islam has been busy attempting to emerge as the religion of the TRUE GOD by force.

Islam claims that the rejection of Jesus, and religion splitting of the Christian faith proves that they are not the true worshippers, and that in “His infinite Wisdom and eternal Will, decreed that all the divine missions prior to the final message of Islam brought by Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him (Muhammad), be limited to a specific time frame.”

Born 570 years after Christ, Muhammad, and the prophet of Islam, and according to Muslim tradition became Jesus’ “replacement,” after the rejection of Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

Their fundamentals of faith described, “the basic principles and objectives of the Divine Law, such as protecting faith, life, reason, wealth, and lineage and establishing justice in the land; and certain fundamental prohibitions, some of the most important of these being idolatry, fornication, murder, theft, and giving false witness. Moreover, they also agreed upon moral virtues like honesty, justice, charity, kindness, chastity, righteousness, and mercy."

At no greater time, the militant radical agenda of Islam has corrupted the fundamentals of its own faith that today.

Recently, a devout Muslim, and also a member of the US Army Medical Corps cowardly murdered 13 American soldiers in protest because he does not want to be deployed. You cannot proclaim to be in the side of God and His righteousness while at the same time take part in the murder of innocent people who do not believe in the same way you do.

How can this murderous act be approved by a Holy God who promotes kindness, righteousness and mercy? How can God loving Christians approve the murder of innocent babies by abortion? We are not much different, you see.

But, I believe that in their zeal to promote the holy, and godly values of our God, Islam has crossed the barrier into IDOLATRY….THEY NOW WORSHIP THEIR RELIGION much in the same manner the Pharisees and Sadducees so worshipped their religion that they failed to recognize Messiah. Christians do not hold Jews responsible for what suffering Jesus went through...It was a part of God's plan, and Jesus' choice to lay is life down for the redemption of us all.

In their worship of Islam, Muslims are in fact, rejecting not just Messiah, but the TRUE GOD and what He stands for, and are worshipping a god…Not the God of Israel, the God of creation, a love and mercy dispensing God, and the Great I am. Islam, their religion, is their true god.

Muslims “Affirm the Last Judgment, when God, the Judge, will weigh in the balance the faith and works of each man, rewarding the faithful and punishing the transgressor.”

Yet, they have those who call for the murder the “infidels.” They are taking God’s judgment upon their own hands…obviously not consistent even with their Quran.

In His New Covenant with Israel, the Jewish Messiah became the gap between mankind and the Old Covenant, which brought the forgiveness of sins unlike the Old Covenant which just covered sin by the blood of the sacrificial animals.

JESUS brought with Him a new era in man’s relationship with God, but by rejecting Him, mankind has been unable to see God as He really is…For Jesus was the representation of who God is…After Him, anyone and anything, that man has come up with as the answer to rid the world of corruption and sin will ALWAYS fall short of the glory of God. That is why we see one faction of religion trying to subvert, or do away with other they deem as a false religion.

Jesus came to testify to the Truth (John 18:37) and one of the facts of truth is what He said in John 14:21 "Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me. And he who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I will love him and manifest myself to him.” Yet, in many ways Jesus message became distorted, and many turned from it. They took the part about commandments observance as a motive to kill the ones who do not conform. That is not God's plan. If that be the case, God would manifest Himself to them...Do you see that?

The growth of the Islam faith is not proof that God is blessing it....It is happening because people fear the religion...and what it does to "infidels." Islam goes beyond God’s law in regards to commandment keeping and free will. God’s greatest example of the dispensation of free will was in the Garden of Eden….Yet, Islam murders ‘infidels;” and the god of Islam would have killed Adam and Eve in that instant…Where would humanity be? Do you see how perverted Islam has become?

We saw the pervesion of a religion in the Crusades, when misguided Christians went murdering others in the name of Christ, and furthering the gap between Jews and Christians and the rest of the unbelieving world. We are seeing it now as Muslims are murdering “infidels,” and going opposite to the call of their own Quran.

The prophet Muhammad was quoted as one who believed in forgiveness. “Keep to forgiveness (O Muhammad), and enjoy in kindness, and turn away from the ignorant.” (Quran 7:199 “He always repelled evil with the good of forgiveness and kind behavior for, in his view, an antidote was better than poison. He believed and practiced the precept that love could foil hatred, and aggression could be won over by forgiveness. He overcame the ignorance of the people with the knowledge of Islam, and the folly and evil of the people with his kind and forgiving treatment. With his forgiveness, he freed people from the bondage of sin and crime, and also made them great friends of Islam. He was an epitome of the verse of the Quran:“Good and evil are not alike. Repel evil with what is better. Then he, between whom and you there was hatred, will become as though he was a bosom friend. (Quran 41:34)”

So, you see Islam has so corrupted its own Quran and religion. They are no better than us, but they are trying to win the world by force and cruelty, as the crusaders tried to do, no better and no worse.

The proof of their error is in the absence of True Messiah in the Quran…
Jesus, the True Bridge between God and man…the One who wins through love, grace, mercy, redemption, healing, release from bondage, and freedom. Unless we, Christians and Jews become one, and accept Jesus and His messianic mission, the Muslims will continue their quest to corrupt and distort the true image of God to the world with its idolatry, and penchant for murder and world dominion.

Is true also that many devout Christians also live as if God died. Their lives show little worship of God…many worship their religion and not God, not truly…for their hearts are hardened, and they have become lovers of self…You see that in the practice of sexuality immorality to include homosexuality, adultery, and pornography, the practice of abortion, an many of the other sins the church openly approves of today, but the rest of us do not purpose to kill them, but leave room for God's justice.

It is in the measure of how we are living we are being judged by Islam as a false religion. It is because of these practices, and the doctrines emerging from these that Christianity has gradually splintered in such a way that it is hard to know who is truly a Christian today.

However, we all Christians and Muslims alike believe in the final judgment of mankind. It is Jesus who will ultimately judge the nations, not Muhammad, for he did not come back from the grave, or ascended into heaven in a bodily form. Only Jesus did those things, and only Jesus will come back in glory to claim His Church before the Tribulation time. During the tribulation period the Antichrist will do all kinds of evil to those who remain here because their unbelief in Jesus Messiah.

In regards to Obama, many may argue that he is doing these things to appease the Muslims so that the US is no longer a target for the Jihadist…A naïve view of what the Jihadist movement is all about, and perhaps not. Perhaps, in his penchant for change and power, he is trying to side with those he believes will emerge strongest in years to come, and who will likely improve his chances for re-election.

There is but one thing standing on his way. He has yet to prove that he is a natural-born citizen of the United States. He was born of a foreign father and an American mother. A natural born citizen MUST be born to TWO American citizens; otherwise he will have divided loyalties.

As a Muslim, Obama can NEVER BE a good American president because his loyalty will always be to Islam…the religion that has become a god, not the God we Americans worship.

IF YOU care for the course this nation has taken, and all the negative changes he has made since he took office, you MUST join in the fight to make him prove his citizenship once and for all. There is a federal court presiding over this fight, and the date is set for January 2010.

We must resist Islam in all its corrupted forms and messengers or we are doomed.

PRAY, PRAY, PRAY America; become informed and involved.

May the LORD bless the USA,

 2010/1/11 20:30

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 Re: The god of Islam

Not really sure about this. I think we are told to pray for our leaders aren't we?

Just considering what the Lord would have for us in all of this

God Bless

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