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 PC Septuagints - LXX

Using the Greek Old Testament: Septuagint.

For years I have been unable to find a resource that will allow me to search the Septuagint for NT Greek words. I can perform an Englishmsn's search with my PC study bible (or others) and I even have a Hebrew Englishman's in hard cover; but I don't read Greek well enough to just sit down and read LXX material. Maybe there is a feature on studylight I am missing. If you have any suggestions I am wide open.
Robert W

Do you know the phrase that 'in the country of the blind the one=eyed man is king?';-) My Greek has fairly solid foundations and a good vocabulary. It is good enough to use the tools with some precision but I know enough to know how little I know, so I am very cautious in drawing conclusions unless I can check them out.

I mostly use e-sword these days for my PC studies. E-sword has a free Septuagint module but it is not easy to search unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Previously I used the Online Bible which is more sophisticated in its personal parameter setting and consequently much easier to mess up! I have used the Online for almost 20 years now so I am pretty familiar with it, but it is not nearly so user friendly as e-sword. However the Online Bible has several Septuagint modules. These include one with a Strongs numbering system and word parsing which makes searching the Greek of the LXX much easier. The Online also has modules which link synonyms between the Greek and Hebrew. The Online Bible will let you put the LXX, LXX with strongs and an English translation on screen at the same time. This can be very useful

In all this care is needed, as Biblical NT Greek is 2-300 years older than the LXX and words can change their meanings. It is possible to sometimes find a Greek equivalent of a Hebrew word but the process is not always reversible. If you want an example put a simple sentence into the Google translator and translate into French, then put the French phrase in and translate back to English. Often it is unintelligible.

I also use the Liddell and Scott online lexicon at Perseus, but although this can help in the derivation of words many of their quotations will be from classical Greek which is very different to Biblical Greek.

Ron Bailey

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 Re: PC Septuagints - LXX

The LXX is actually older than that of the NT by about 200 years.

Good translation should be pretty reversible, as well. Google's translator and "Babelfish" and all those electronic translation programs have serious flaws. As hard as programmers have worked, they still cannot get computers to have a grasp of language.

An example: if you typed in the sentence, "I think I can do something." into a translator, you might get a word for "can" that actually means the noun form of "can" -- like a coffee can or trash can instead of the potential verb. That adds to translator programs' difficulty with syntax to make for a mess. Humans are still the only ones who can really handle human language.

If you give me a sentence of LXX Greek, I can pretty easily reconstruct what it would have said in the Hebrew -- it's not as removed as you might think, although a lot of the textual problems in the MT are smoothed over in the LXX.

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