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 Pakistani pastor recovers



Yousaf Masih, a 33-year-old Baptist pastor in the northern part of Pakistan’s Sindh province, is slowly recovering at home after being kidnapped, drugged and beaten by Muslim extremists in mid-September. Masih said his captors told him that they were taking revenge for the military presence of the U.S. in the country and ordered him to stop “praying for Muslims” in his church in Jacobabad.

Masih was abducted while walking home via a back street after a worship service. He was confronted by a bearded man who held a revolver to his side, warning, “If you try to resist me, I will shoot you and your wife and children.” With the help of another accomplice, he forced Masih into a car parked along a nearby main street. They took him to a room where they shaved his head and exchanged and his shirt and trousers for traditional Islamic clothing. ”Then they injected something into my right arm, and I went unconscious,” Masih said.

When he came to, he found himself in another room with an iron girder which his captors used to suspend him by his legs, his hands tied behind his back. ”They beat me on my legs and arms and back with long wooden sticks, shouting, ’Christians are dogs!’” Masih said.

His captors denounced the ”Christian” American military for killing Muslims. After two days of beatings, his kidnappers admitted Masih to a hospital in Bannu City – 600 miles from his home in Jacobabad – late Tuesday, Sept. 14. Three days later he was transferred to his home where he continues to recover. Din Mohammed Baloch, Jacobabad’s senior superintendent of police, insists that Masih’s kidnapping was ”faked” and that his alleged captors were Christians, not Muslims. ”You were not kidnapped,” he reportedly told Masih on Sept. 23. “You were doing a drama.”

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