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 Israel among the pots

Being I live in the country, I waited to get up the stones during the Summer and fall because of snakes. I was in the Spirit when the Lord showed me now is the time. These stones are for setting up sitting benches made of heavy stone, by a stone table. I put the pot on the table under one stone which almost crushed it.

under another heavy stone was a female rattlesnake under the ground. Her rattle was all you could see. She gave birth to a baby who was unformed and looked like a extra big worm, but was of a blue type color.. I stepped on it. She went a little further under ground she was slow.

I carried these heavy stones which most people cannot as they are very heavy. And completed the job, I add victoriously.

God always leads me by his Holy Spirit in my studies. The first was in Zech. 12:1-3 I already had in mind concerning the issues of Iran and it's desire to harm Israel. With China and Russia working together we see that two years ago China is hacking us in cyber warfare. It tells us concerning Gog and Magog, that the Northern kingdoms will also be involved. The nations are all getting ready against our beloved Israel. We pray for peace in Jerusalem. We are very disturbed as we see time is running short. But I have a word of comfort. If God tells us in prophesy that this is going to happen, and we see it beginning to happen now, then we can rejoice in the thing I am going to tell you. We can be making sure we are ready and in Zech.12:3 That God is going to crush the nations that come against Israel and the stone is Christ. The heavy stone they carry will be burdensome, Christ is in union with Israel, so when they disturb Israel ,she becomes a burdensome stone at the same time Jesus is the stone that will crush them that is why it is burdensome. We see that after the rise of nations victory lies ahead.

In Ps.68:13-17 v.13 to be lien among the pots is a fig. of a low position od seeming little value. The pot under my stone was crushed just a little, There was no harm to it I put it in the high place on the table. So shall Israel be like a dove --fig. of peace and the Holy Spirit. she shall shine in the sun of righteousness which will cause her wings to look like silver and gold. The snake will be defeated and that which was birthed out of her, under foot. Then shall come the blessing-- the rise of the millenial kingdom. And the stone that was rejected--Jesus shall reign over the whole earth. as Daniel predicts in 2:35 The nations have grown into kingdoms many years as seen in the image, but they are crushed by the stne who fills the whole earth. Jesus will be victorious. May we all continue to grow holy and righteous before he comes. We can pray that we would be counted worthy to escape these things coming on the earth. God bless. I may add that we have Jesus to help us be more than conquerers, and overcome in all things. Israel is totally dependent on God's reliable covenant to her forefathers Abraham , Issaac,Jacob, Joseph. We have the eternal covenant of Christ's blood. A better covenant. Our prayers for Israel are from Christ's covenant. That's faith.


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