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 question about the heart

I have recently have been examining my heart very much as of late and i have realized i have many idols before God whether it be the internet, chicago bulls games, talking with friends, preaching out of a wrong heart, etc. I also have noticed that i have been devising all of my daily activities out of my own heart but i don't think it has been from God, i mean i am reading the scripture and other books, but i wonder if i am being lead by God or am i leading myself. Does anyone know what i am talking about? I want to get rid of all of these idols but only he can cleanse me.

John Beechy

 2010/1/5 2:37Profile

 Re: question about the heart

bible4life, it's great that you can see all those possible idols and that you want to get rid of your idols.

As far as devising all of your daily activities out of your own heart, it's good that you see that as well as caring what the Lord wants in all of this. I've only known love to care about the things of another. How is it that you could care about what the Lord wants? It must be your love for Him.

"A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps." - Prov. 16:9

It's ok to devise your way my friend because the Lord will direct your steps. Do the things you want to do! Be free! The Lord gives you that liberty. Let it all be done in faith and with thankfulness. How happy it is to be free like that. To not be enslaved by the devil to doing this thing or doing that thing...staying away from this or staying away from that. Thank the Lord for that freedom because it comes from Him.

 2010/1/5 3:32

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 Re: question about the heart

Good question. I've often felt that way. It's a fine line for me between be solidly disciplined and "led of the Spirit." I think sometimes we put unrealistic expectations on what the latter really looks like. I think there are different seasons where we lean more on Him for direct instructions on what to read or study. But other times, consistency like a set Bible reading program are good too. Many men of God have had set devotional practices.

I think wisdom would be to have something constant in place and leave room for Him to change it up spontaneously as He will. If you are feeling resistance in your heart to where your devotions have been leading, maybe pray and ask for guidance or mix it up with something different altogether. Just thoughts.


 2010/1/7 19:36Profile

 Re: question about the heart

Hi John,

I know exactly what you mean.

Do you know that when the Hebrews left Egypt in the exodus, they brought their Egyptian relatives with them, and their idols? Not to mention [i]making[/i] a golden calf as well? You know what happened in the wilderness. If not, read Exodus, and see just how extreme a time God engineers, that they may be totally dependent on Him.

From His point of view, He brought them into the wilderness to rest (from their bondage), and to worship Him. In fact, Exo 19 - He says He bare them on eagles' wings 'unto myself'. That's where they became a peculiar people, a holy nation, a royal priesthood - in the making - if, they would obey Him.

Then there is the question of whether you're prepared to cross Jordan in flood, at the time of the barley harvest, to enter the promised land.

They really [i]knew[/i] they had been delivered, as they looked back across Jordan, by the time they won their first battle. They had left the wilderness behind, but a new enemy confronted them, trying to prevent them from possessing the land God had given them. Note, God was using them to get rid of those who had always opposed Him. Interesting. Just like our inbred sin.

 2010/1/8 6:58

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 Re: question about the heart


When we lead ourselves, what is that? That is our flesh leading us and idols appeal to our flesh, we really love them (in our flesh). When idols are being revealed to us - that is God showing us to look to Him to get rid of them; would our flesh lead us to begin to expel the idols that we worship AND like Alive-to-God wrote: that we brought with us out of Egypt? No they sure wouldn’t! (huge grin)

Brother, I stand amazed at the work that God is beginning to do in you!!

I cannot agree wholeheartedly with the person who said we are free to do whatever. Brother, since God is beginning a new thing in you, follow God. When God shows us something in our life that is not of Him, sure we have freedom, we are free to choose if we are going to follow on to be like Him or stay where we are and keep our idols.

We do have liberty and freedom in Christ to do whatever we are big enough to do but a word to the wise, if you want to hear from God ever again, you really need to obey HIS voice at this time because in my humble experience, God will never take you to step three until you have successfully pass step two. It’s about becoming “like Christ” not hanging on to our so-called freedoms.

In the following testimony (link), God told this man George that if he ever wanted to know God there was a line drawn in the sand and there was NO going on past that line until George dealt honestly with that one area of his life. It’s about 30 minutes long and by the end of it you’ll be praising God for what He did in George’s life (!) and praying for God to reveal the real you to you.

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