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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Please pray for Mick Freeborn

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Update on Mick Freeborn: he continues to slowly improve. Today and yesterday he has been breathing on his own! Over the next 24-72 hours they will work on slowly waking him up. Pray for his blood pressure not to spike and for all to go well with the waking up process. Pray also for continued strength and peace for Kendra and the family.

 2010/1/9 19:06

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Praying dear sister!

 2010/1/9 19:10Profile


Thank you for praying. Here is another update:

Today, Mr. Freeborn was awake and responding! The family is praising God for this important step of improvement! However it is an extremely emotional time for him, so pray for the Lord to help him to remain calm and focus on breathing (this is very important). The family is very grateful for your continued prayers.

 2010/1/10 18:03

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May God continue to heal Brother Freeborn, and strengthen all of you.
God Bless

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 Re: Please pray for Mick Freeborn

Hello Joy,

I know how hard it can be to be close to a situtaion like this, so I just want you to know I prayed, and believe that God is going to heal him stronger than he was before.

May His name be glorified!

 2010/1/11 11:17


Thank you so much for praying!

 2010/1/11 14:15


Mick Freeborn update: Please pray for Mr. Freeborn's kidneys. It appears that they are not functionally properly. Pray also for him to be able to sleep and rest. And pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual strength for Mrs. Freeborn. She is waiting to hear more from the doctor in regards as to what is going on with his kidneys. Thank you for praying. Please continue to cry out to God for this family!

 2010/1/13 12:43

 Re: Please pray for Mick Freeborn

Hi Joy,

I will pray about this too.

On a purely prosaic note, we all have a lot more kidney tissue than we need to survive (without dialysis). Kidneys do shut down in situations of shock, which no doubt he was, and real kidney failure can be fatal, but, I do believe God is going to restore his kidneys to a satisfactory level of function. This needs to happen as soon as possible, and to this end I pray.

 2010/1/13 13:36

 Re: sister Joy

i have been and will continue to pray for this dear man, and his family, in Jesus' Name, neil

 2010/1/13 14:00

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