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 What should be said about todays sermons that are missing something important?

Recently within the year I stopped going to a church for personal reasons. I felt the sermon was missing something. I have discussed with another person why I left and she then explained that others are not attending for the same reasons. We talked about what was missing? I felt the sermons were missing the Gospel Truth. I don't remember the last time I heard about repentance and salvation. How can I approach the pastor? Two months before in a recent sermon on a sex series, Homosexuality: Reframing the Discussion. In this sermon he shares a letter written from a former member of the church who no longer goes to his church because she has since admitted to being homosexual and explains her struggles living with being homosexual and being celibate. Later she states her being closer to God than ever before. Afterwards the pastor states,

'My goal today is not to say something about homosexuality. I don't want to tell you what I believe or what the Bible "says". If I do that, you will probably agree or disagree with me and then stop thinking."

Tell me what your thoughts are and how I might approach this the pastor or to the congregation. I do pray for the pastor and the congregation. Thanks for listening.

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 Re: What should be said about todays sermons that are missing something important?

Discussion is not a sermon. Moral issues and debates
do not provide the answers people are searching for.
Only the gospel provides the hope and truth we need.
Billy Graham has said if he had any regrets that
he would preach more of the blood and the atoning work
of the cross!!

Martin G. Smith

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"If the Holy Spirit left our church, we would function the same." - some Baptist pastor talking to Tozer.

Where are the men of God who get a Word from heaven?

Where are the men soaked in the Spirit, who dwell in eternity, and come down from eternity into time to proclaim the message they've received from the throne of heaven?

The Japanese man said he looks at the Buddhist monk and thinks holy man, then he looks at the American pastor and thinks business man.


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