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[i]by Zac Poonen[/i]

Many times in my life I have looked back over how the Lord has led me
– and that has renewed my faith. When I face a difficult situation and
it looks as if there is no way out, I remind myself of the promises in
the Bible and listen to the encouragement that other believers give
me. But the thing that strengthens my faith most of all is when I look
back. The Lord asks me, “Have I ever let you down even once so far?”
I have to reply, “No, Lord. Not even once.” Then He says, “I won’t let
you down now either.” This encourages me more than anything else.
Have you fallen again? Look back and see how the Lord forgave you in
the past. When He forgave you, didn’t He know that you would fall
again? Was that a surprise to Him that you fell again? No. Then He
will forgive you again. Look back with gratitude. That will strengthen
your faith. Be thankful for the Lord’s mercy. When you look at your
failures in the past , you will learn to be merciful to other
believers around you who fail.

We must never stop looking upwards and seeing more of the glory of the
Lord. There is much of the glory of Jesus that we still haven’t seen.
We must hunger for this, because that’s the image into which the Holy
Spirit seeks to transform us. As we see the Lord’s glory, it will
humble us because we will see our own need. This is the secret of
remaining in humility, till the end of our lives. It is very easy for
one whom God has anointed and used mightily to become proud. I have
seen a lot of preachers like that. Because God has used them they are
so proud and they are very distant from people. What is it that can
keep us in brokenness and humility till the end of our lives? Only one
thing: Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. When
we look at Jesus it is impossible to be proud. A man becomes proud
when he starts looking at other people, and imagines himself to be
better than them, or more anointed than them, or more used than them
etc., If however he looked upwards at Jesus, he would fall on his
face in the dust in repentance - like the apostle John did on the Isle
of Patmos. And if he keeps looking at Jesus, he will keep his face in
the dust forever. All of us need to learn to keep our faces in the
dust at all times. That’s the place of safety. So if you want God to
be happy with you until the end of your days, keep looking upwards.

God has wonderful things in store for us. He has a great job for us to do.
We don’t know when we will have to leave this world. But before
the Lord comes, we look forward to doing something useful for Him on
this earth. Most people in the world look to the future with fear and
anxiety. But we look forward in faith.

In Deut.11:21 (KJV), Moses told them that God’s longing for them was
“that your days and the days of your sons may be multiplied on the
land like the days of heaven upon earth.” This is God’s will for all
of us - that our days on earth may be like the days of heaven. God
wants us even now to have a foretaste of the joy, peace, love, purity
and goodness of heaven in our homes and in our churches. I have
experienced a little bit of that. So my life and my ministry have not
been a heavy burden for me. Not at all. It has been joyful and every
day has been exciting, because I have learnt to live by the principles
of heaven, and not of earth. It’s easy for you to determine to do
this when you start your Christian life. But I hope that you will
determine to live by heaven’s principles and not earth’s even during
this coming year. Fix your eyes on Jesus Who endured until the end -
so that your days can be like days of heaven on earth. That is God’s will for us.

I wish you all a very blessed New Year, full of God’s richest blessing every day.

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