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 Ministries fight Child prostitution in Sri Lanka



With approximately 40,000 child prostitutes—more than half of them boys—Sri Lanka has been described as a ”pedophile’s pleasure center.”
Extreme poverty and years of civil war have left many children homeless and easy prey for sexual predators and traffickers. Sometimes boys and girls as young as 3 years old are captured. Others are sold to pimps for a few dollars by their desperately poor guardians or family members.

Several factors, including the legality of prostitution and the presence of organized crime rings, have contributed to making Sri Lanka a cesspool of sexual exploitation. Research conducted in 1997 showed that Sri Lanka is the principal source of child pornography for the U.S. and Europe.
American and European customers have perpetuated the country’s booming ”sex tourism” industry. Indigenous ministries have long carried a burden to rescue these exploited children.

Several ministries operate homes where boys and girls formerly trapped in sexual slavery can receive food, clothing, education and medicine. In addition to extending much-needed physical care—children are especially susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases—the ministries also provide spiritual care, such as Christian counseling. Many have accepted Christ as Savior. All receive tutoring or special classes so they can enter state schools and obtain an education, a key to finding legitimate jobs and not falling back into prostitution.

From the news flow at Intercessors Network

Lars Widerberg

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 Re: Ministries fight Child prostitution in Sri Lanka

This is devastating news.
The Buddhists are creating a horrific setting allowing this to go on.
This is great news.
Christians doing mercy works as if the Lord’s hands were there to touch and to comfort.
Let us pray, supporting this work and to ask the Lord to stop the perpetrators.

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