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 "Holy Desperation" by Dr. Michael Brown

this sermon has always been a blessing to me.

[url=]Holy Desperation[/url]

in Jesus' love, neil

 2009/12/31 12:08

 Re: "Holy Desperation" by Dr. Michael Brown

Thanks Neil!!!!

 2009/12/31 12:14

 Brother CC

you're most welcome. You know, those two passages of Scripture, where Jacob wrestles with Jesus on the banks of the Jabbokk river, just light up my well as Moses asking God FOR MORE...same thing, just light up my heart.....think about it....MOSES, who's spent 40 days alone with God, needing MORE!!!

can you imagine what the Tent of Meeting was like?

Just Glory, and Glory forever......Jacob, Moses, these are real flesh and blood men, and yet God in His Mercy and Love and Grace, met with them on a very real basis, and God is the Same, yesterday, today, forever...the same Divine Visitation is available to the quiet place, I beleieve this with all my heart, i cling to this hope, in faith, that only He can bury in our hearts and souls.

Praise His Name!

with Jesus' love, neil

 2009/12/31 12:35

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 Re: Brother CC

Thank you Nathan! Great message. What Michael Brown is sharing is a major key to staying in continuous revival.



 2009/12/31 15:14Profile

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