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 Jesus is the way...

It’s evident throughout John’s record of Jesus’ life that Jesus didn’t explain everything He said or did. People didn’t like it then and they don’t like it now. People want to understand. They want to make sense of things. But, the message today is the same as it was then. Jesus says, “You’ve gotta come through me to the Father. I’m the Way. It’s not through understanding. It’s through ME.” Christianity isn’t about understanding. It’s about being humble. It’s not about knowing things or making sense of things or understanding how it’s going to turn out or how it all fits. It’s about having a humble heart.

God was there with them. Right there! Yet they missed Him because they approached Him with their brains. Obedience is what matters, not understanding. When you approach God with your brain, you can’t get your hands around anything. So, because they approached Him with their brains, Jesus let them be confused.

Have a bit more time here, been reading this teaching and considering what it means to know Jesus the person. Jesus is the way, He, Himself is the way, not a doctrine, but the way to the Father!!

in Him

Edit:this is from the teaching "Jesus Offends Our Minds In Order To Get Our Hearts"

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 Re: Jesus is the way...

Jesus as Logos is the fullest expression
of the Father's grace, love, mercy, and
truth. His Words are GOD'S truth. His
desires for the kingdom of GOD and GOD'S
will to be done are GOD'S heart. His life
is our example of a true servant of


Martin G. Smith

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