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 The Saul spirit is rising!

What do I mean when I say that the Saul spirit is rising? To those of us who are sensitive to the things of the Spirit this word will need no explanation, in fact it is to you that I write. You will “ know,’ this word in your “bowels,” you will need no convincing.

1 John 2:18-20 (ASV)
18 Little children, it is the last hour: and as ye heard that antichrist cometh, even now have there arisen many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last hour.
19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they all are not of us.
20 And ye have an anointing from the Holy One, and ye know all the things.

You see the Scriptures confirm that those who have an anointing from the Holy One “Know all things,” and can recognize the truth when they hear it. Some may say “I have a witness in my spirit.” You either know it already or when you hear it , it confirms what you “knew,” in your spirit but now that knowing has “flesh,”….has words. So I write this to those who have an anointing from the Holy One, which is all of His people.

As the Scripture stated, the anti-christ is coming. In fact even now many anti-christs have arisen and “went out from us.” You see, as always, the danger to Gods people does not come from outside but comes those who “went out from us, but were not of us.” Our persecutors , brothers and sisters, will come from what we would call the “Established church,” which includes denominational and non-denominational churches, in fact, the Evangelical movement.

Now this may seemed far-fetched at this time, but for those who have glimpsed through the Spirit, you will know that this is true. They will grow to despise us, as strange as that may seem. Now why will they hate us and hate us enough to persecute us and hand us over to the civil authorities when the time comes? Well brothers and sisters, there is nothing new under the sun. The same anti-christ spirit that was behind all previous persecutions is still alive and well and binding his time. It still has that demonical hatred for those that have a relationship with the Father. This is the true source of all Satanical hatred of Gods people down through the ages.

You see, we have what Satan and the demons once had, a close relationship with our Heavenly Father through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We can call Him “Abba,” and Satan hates it. We are the apple of our Fathers eye. He loves us with an everlasting love. How much you say? Well just look to Calvary. His thoughts of us are innumerable, as the sands of the sea. He knows every hair on our head. His love for us is beyond words.

All of this Satan and the demons had at one time, but they gave it all away . And for them there is no going back. There is no hope of redemption for them, they are truly hopeless beings and they despise us with a hatred that cannot be put into words. And so, they are darkness and we who “know,” the Father are light. They are our mortal enemies and they do not rest, day or night in their efforts to destroy us. Yet, we serve a risen Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord and we stand under the shadow of His wings, we are covered by His blood. Our enemies may be able may be able to destroy our earthly tents, yet they can never destroy what they hate the most, our eternal relationship with our Father.

And so we see Saul. The people wanted a king so they could be like all the other countries. They wanted to put their trust in a man, in an institution and despite a severe warning from God, they still wanted it. And so God gave them over to what they wanted. Now, Saul believed that he was a servant of God. The Spirit of God would even come upon Saul, yet it did not take Saul long to expose himself. In 1 Sam 13 Saul takes on the role of Priest and he unlawfully sacrifices. He makes rash oaths which he cannot keep. He spares King Agag and all the best of the animals totally against the will of God. This was a man who was a law unto himself, he was a lawless man.

How much of the church today have that same spirit of lawlessness ? In 1 Sam 15 we see that the lawless King is rejected by God. (1 Sam 15:11) Now is the time for God to anoint His own King. This King would be a man after Gods own heart as opposed to Saul who represented the people. It is interesting that simultaneously we now have tow Kings. One is legitimate and has the anointing of God, the other is rejected of God. Today, we have the established church and we have the Remnant Church. One is anointed of God and the other has been rejected by God. And we see in 1Sam 16:14 “The Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and a distressing spirit from the Lord troubled him.”

Saints, the Spirit of the Lord has departed from the Established church. It now has a distressing spirit from the Lord. It is run through with many fears, it staggers to and fro. It runs to the left and to the right. It has run to a prosperity Gospel, a Gospel of health and wealth, name it and claim , word of faith movement, in a desperate attempt to move in faith and the things of God. It has also run to the politicians, to Washington, to the halls of earthly power because it has no heavenly power. They have also run to legalism and the confines of the Law and it has brought them to a place of self-loathing. They seek to gain peace for their souls, but it cannot be found, they are distressed.

It is interesting to see David act as King even although he has not yet been established. One has the position, the other has the anointing. Today, the church has the position, the remnant has the anointing. The Remnant are so zealous for the glory of God and His name that they will still run to the battle and the established church allows this. They battles the giants of darkness who seek to shame the name of God. David loves God and is indignant when he hears Goliath. He runs to the battle and as one who is anointed , kills the giant.

Initially Saul is happy but when he hears the people singing that “ Saul has killed his thousands and David his ten thousands,” he begins to hate David. You see pride is at the root of evil. Pride is the very sin by which Satan fell. And the final nail in the uneasy relationship between Saul and David comes quickly. “ And it happened on the next day that the distressing spirit came upon Saul and he prophesied inside the house. So David played music with his hand as at other times, but there was a spear in Saul’s hand. And Saul cast the spear for he said “I will pin David to the wall!” But David escaped.” Now here is why Saul tried to kill David……. ‘Now Saul was afraid of David because the Lord was with him but had departed from Saul.” (1 Sam 18:12)

We can now see the “Saul spirit.” The essence of the Saul spirit is captured in verse 12. Saul was afraid of David because the presence of God had departed from him, and David walked in the presence of God. From that time on Saul would seek to kill David. His madness and arrogance only increases as he plummets into darkness. Consider the murder of all of the priests of Nob, not only killing 85 of them for daring to help David, but also killing all the men, woman, children and babies that dwelt in Nob, and all of their livestock. This is the madness and level of hatred of the darkness against the light.

From that time on and down through the ages this spirit has continued. Whether it was the Pharisees killing Jesus and the Apostles, or the Catholic church killing the Waldensians or the Hussites or the countless hundreds of thousands killed in the inquisitions, or the Reformers killing Anabaptists or Moravian’s, that which is established but has no anointing seeks to kill that which has the anointing. The illegitimate hunting down the legitimate. The enemy always tries to kill those who are walking in the Spirit, walking in the presence of God.

When God calls His Remnant out of the desert and pours out His Spirit upon them , this will mark the beginning of severe persecution. There is a direct correlation between the depth of the anointing to the ferocity of the persecution. Amos 9 talks about the day that the ploughman will overtake the reaper. A great outpouring of His Spirit upon His remnant. When this happens, then begins the great persecution by the “Saul spirit,” from the established church. They will hate the Remnant for the same reason that Saul hated David. The spiritual darkness that motivates them cannot stand any human being that walks in the presence of God and who is headed towards an eternal relationship with Him. The established church will come after the Remnant in that day, but be of good cheer brothers and sisters, if we are fortunate enough to be the generation that sees these things, then we know that the Lord is at the door, our salvation draws near, the Bridegroom is coming for His Bride and we will be with Him forever.........Frank

 2009/12/28 21:20

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 Re: The Saul spirit is rising!

Brother Frank,

Thanks so much for this annointed and timely post. I was laying in bed last night and these scriptures from 1 John 2:`8-20 were the last thoughts in my mind.

I was asking the Lord if it were arrogant to receive these words as being directed towards those true believers as His statement that the unconverted and false could never understand. I believe it is His personal witness to us that we do have that wonderful relationship with Him and by His Holy Spirit and much prayer, it increases.

When I am introduced to someone that professes salvation, I first notice that I can tell by their words whether they speak about someone they know or someone they just know about. My dearest friends in Christ Jesus may not be highly educated, but their conversations pour forth a love for their Savior who they truly love and adore. This cannot be faked.

I know that 1 John is an epistle written by the Holy Spirit for the brethren to discern who loves God and who does not.

Those of the Saul persuasion will certainly rise up in hatred and be our chief persecutors. I do not remotely believe that the Muslims are our worst enemies. I see the false brethren as that,and,so it has always been. I can easily see though,that the fallen church will be used highly by the enemy to stir up and even aide the heathen at a future time to attempt to destroy the holy people of God.

Thanks for you post once agin Frank. Would you please post this on your facebook as well?

Oh yes, Happy Blated Birthday brother!

Kathleen P


 2009/12/29 5:31Profile

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Maryland, USA

 Re: The Saul spirit is rising!

I believe what you wrote, Frank. There was a time when I too would've thought this as far-fetched, but now is not that time.

Tracy Hofmann

 2009/12/29 8:02Profile

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West Monroe, LA

 Re: The Saul spirit is rising!

Brother Frank,
Your analogy is ‘right on’ and coincides with so many other pictures of that “spirit” as you well know throughout the Word of God. It is the “in the family” jealousy, resentment for the acceptable sacrifice that is so resented by the “my way” presumption that cannot and will not be accepted… Cain and Abel, the harlot versus the true bride, Israel in apostasy versus Judah when she was pure, the Judas spirit, the harlot that flirts with the beast and does all she can to destroy the bride, but as it always ends, is destroyed by the beast.

I recently spoke from the Revelation regarding the harlot that will be burned with fire and that spirit of presumption and pride that has always accompanied the false bride. I said this in the course of that message regarding those who are “in the church” but have a flirtatious relationship with the world: “But there is certainly one thing for sure, that if there is no waking up and repentance they will be a part of that group that comes before the Lord assuming that they are going to get in, and finding out to their utter surprise that they have not known Him at all. They have presumed to have known Him and assumed that they knew His character, but it was careless, half-hearted assumption that was lacking in the love of a real bride. The bride does not make claims, she doesn’t have to. That is the vast difference. There are claims, and there is reality. The bride has genuine love. And there is that holy security/insecurity that continues to exist in the relationship until the blessed eternal consummation… it is the opposite of presumption. It is the genuine effort to please by those who genuinely love. It is the sincere desire not to displease by those who could not and would not dare to live without their Lord. A real bride constantly wants to know more about her bridegroom. A real bride constantly wants to find those things that please Him… When you analyze the situation, you realize the conceit, the awful pride and presumption there is in imagining that it doesn’t matter what I say or do… He loves me too much to let me go. That is an awful lot of presumption. It is no different at all from the presumption that filled the heart of those Jews who refused to hear Jeremiah, but kept clinging to their “the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord”. It is no different from the presumption of those Jews during the time of the Lord who assumed that because they were of the seed of Abraham, God was obligated to save them. “He made a promise” is absolutely no different in their mouth than in the mouth of those in this generation that make the same wild assumptions, while ignoring all the multitude of scriptures that put absolute conditions upon maintaining a relationship as the bride of Christ. It is as if, the servant of Abraham is going to be forced to take home a Rebekah that refuses to offer the servant a drink, much less offering to fill the water troughs for the camels. It is the presumption that just because we are called we are also chosen.”
It has always been that spirit [Matthew 27:18 (ASV)
18 For he knew that for envy they had delivered him up.] among those who presumed to know and found out that they did not that stirs them to such hatred that they murder the righteous. It has been so all through history, but most certainly will climax in these last days. Sad though that they are blinded by the fact that their flirtatious affair with the world will end as it always has also. Israel’s lovers were her destroyers, and so the harlot church will be burned by the beast. It is the same old same old… Satan uses and then destroys those who have ever had any relationship with God.

Love you dear brother,

I know that God is getting His bride all on the same page.


Clint Thornton

 2009/12/29 10:08Profile


Broclint writes......

"I know that God is getting His bride all on the same page.


Brother, that is exactly right. The seperation continues. I can say amen to what you shared. I totaly agree that this spirit could easlily be called the "Cain," spirit. I believe the Lord gave me "The Saul spirit," because it is so well explained in Scripture, we get a great insight into exactly why the one who is anointed and walks in His presence is hated by the one who is not, or who was and is no longer. May the Lord bless His remnant in these coming days, I know that He will. And of course, we shall love our oppressors and do good to those who spitefully use Frank

 2009/12/29 10:27

 Just a few questions?

Brother Appolus,

I have just a few questions about your word.

- What if Jesus Christ was represented in the choosing of David? What if Christ (the Anointed One) was prophetically represented in the anointing and choosing of the True King, David?

- What if David’s victory over Goliath was prophetic only as it represented the Victory that Christ won at the Cross, defeating the enemies of God and putting them to an open shame? What if David actually represents Christ’s coming out of obscurity, looking foolish to His own people; His own family, and in His weakness, actually delivering His people from not only their present enemies, but from the judgment of God, for the reason why the Philistines were about to overtake Israel and drive them from the land was because of Israel’s disobedience.

- What if Jesus Christ is the One who is zealous for His Father’s Glory, His Father’s House?

- What if the remnant, biblically understood, is all those who are in Christ; those chosen of the Father and redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb; the wicked whom God Himself has justified solely because of the person and work of Jesus Christ?

- What if Jesus what right when He taught in Luke Chapter 24 that all of the law and the prophets spoke about Him?

- What if Peter was right when he wrote:
10 Of which salvation the prophets have enquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you:
11 Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.
12 Unto whom it was revealed, that not unto themselves, but unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; which things the angels desire to look into.

What if the bible is about God and the work He accomplished through His Son and not about us?

 2009/12/29 12:42

 Re: Just a few questions?

Hi Mahoney,

I am sensing that these "questions," are rhetorical. Perhaps I am wrong? If they are, then we already know the answer. Praise the Lord and may all that we do, we do for the glory of Frank

 2009/12/29 13:13


Hi Kathleen,you wrote.....

"When I am introduced to someone that professes salvation, I first notice that I can tell by their words whether they speak about someone they know or someone they just know about. My dearest friends in Christ Jesus may not be highly educated, but their conversations pour forth a love for their Savior who they truly love and adore. This cannot be faked.

I know that 1 John is an epistle written by the Holy Spirit for the brethren to discern who loves God and who does not."

Amen sister. If a total stranger came up to me and began to speak about my wife(I have been married for 28 years) and claimed to know her, it would not take me long at all to know if they indeed knew her or Frank

 2009/12/29 13:18

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How utterly tragic and sad that it has to be those who claim to be our brethren that will kill us in the name of their highest service to God.

Even the heathen Pilate knew, "it was for envy that they had delivered him up."

Never forget what was really behind that envy . . greed and covetousness.

"The Pharisees derided him because they loved money and were covetousness."

The great driving motive behind the love of money and covetousness is the pride of life. Men will kill the Son of God if necessary to preserve their place of status in this world. We love the praise of men more than the praise of God.

Any believer who is elated when praised or dejected when criticized or set at nought is still utterly carnal. Self still throbs like an engine on the throne of his heart.

Until we are completely dead to either the applause or scorn of men, we are still in danger of becoming a Judas ourselves..

Let him who thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall.

Some of us who are so sure we are of the despised remnant today may be among the despisers tomorrow if we should find a place of acceptance among men.

 2010/3/22 11:33Profile


Co-crucified writes......

"Any believer who is elated when praised or dejected when criticized or set at nought is still utterly carnal. Self still throbs like an engine on the throne of his heart.

Until we are completely dead to either the applause or scorn of men, we are still in danger of becoming a Judas ourselves..

Let him who thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall"


 2010/3/22 12:46

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